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Elbe River Cruises 2021/2022

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Elbe Travel Guide

Elbe cruises bring you from Germany to the Czech Republic on a beautiful ship along the waterways. You can see many sights but also stop in many of the cities along the way. If you are looking for a European cruise that brings a lot of excitement, then this is where you can find yourself sailing down. Look into the many cruises and vacation packages that are set up for Elbe today and see what they have in store for you. You will be surprised at all you can make use of and more. With river cruise volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 50% versus the brochure price! Book your Elbe river cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted river cruise headquarters.

Elbe Travel Guide
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Showing 1 - 40 River Cruises

Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Jun 03, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,999
Jun 03, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,999
Jun 08, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,999
Jun 08, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,999
Jun 13, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,999
Jun 13, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,999
Jun 18, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,999
Jun 18, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,999
Jun 21, 2021Avalon WaterwaysPassionPraguePrague18$7,606
Jun 23, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,999
Jun 23, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,999
Jun 28, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,399
Jun 28, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,399
Jul 03, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,199
Jul 03, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,199
Jul 08, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,199
Jul 08, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,199
Jul 13, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,199
Jul 13, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,199
Jul 18, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,199
Jul 18, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,199
Jul 23, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,199
Jul 23, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,199
Jul 28, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,199
Jul 28, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,199
Aug 02, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,199
Aug 02, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,199
Aug 02, 2021Avalon WaterwaysPassionPraguePrague18$7,256
Aug 07, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,199
Aug 07, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,199
Aug 12, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,199
Aug 12, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,199
Aug 17, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,199
Aug 17, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,199
Aug 22, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,199
Aug 22, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,199
Aug 27, 2021VikingViking AstrildBerlinPrague10$3,199
Aug 27, 2021VikingViking BeylaPragueBerlin10$3,199
Sep 01, 2021VikingViking AstrildPragueBerlin10$3,799
Sep 01, 2021VikingViking BeylaBerlinPrague10$3,799

Elbe Travel Guide

Elbe River Cruises Highlights

  • See a lot of the European countryside when you are cruising along an Elbe cruise.
  • You can stop at many of the places, get off, and explore the area before getting back onto the ship.
  • Do not worry about booking a hotel in any of these places, you stay on the ship. 
  • Everything is planned out, so you don't have to check out the many places you need to stop. 
  • This is an affordable way to see a lot more of the area and the world. 
  • You can go for an extended period of time, or a shorter one depending on what you want to do for the cruise. 
  • The ship gives you something else to do while you are setting sail, so it is like having two vacations in one. 

Elbe River Cruises Travel Tips

  • Make sure to bring layers with you, even if you are cruising in the summer. The winds can be quite chilly.
  • Be flexible and open to everything, because there might be some inconveniences along the way.
  • Make sure you bring good walking shoes to keep your feet comfortable because there will be a lot of walking during your trip.
  • Choose the cruise ship that is going to bring you to the places you want to see, each one is different.
  • The water levels in the Elbe can change, so make sure to be prepared for a rocky ride at sometimes. 
  • Make sure to tip when you are off the ship. This is big in the area, and the cruise tips are just for the cruise, not while off of it.

Elbe River Cruises Things To Do

  • Reichstag – Berlin
    Reichstag – Berlin

    This was built in the 19th century as a parliament building and continues to stand and show off its beauty. It now has a glass dome at the top that is a must-see when you are in the area.   

    Best Time To Visit

    You can visit at any point in the year. Since it is inside, you can go while it is raining or cold outside.     


    You Should Know

    This area can become quite busy during the tourist season, so make sure to plan ahead.  You don't need tickets or to pay to go inside, so this is not something you have to pay for.
  • Brandenburg Gate – Berlin
    Brandenburg Gate – Berlin

    This is one of the best boulevards to walk down through Berlin. It leads to Tiergarten Park, where you can enjoy the weather, walk through the gardens, and even have a picnic.  

    Best Time To Visit

    You should visit this area when the weather is warmer because it involves a lot of walking outside and enjoying the park.    


    You Should Know 

    There are small shops and cafes that you can pick up lunch to eat at the park once you get there. Keep an eye out for them.
  • Berlin Wall – Berlin
    Berlin Wall – Berlin

    This is an iconic piece of the area and one that is the most talked about. While the entire wall is no longer there, there are still remnants that you can visit and check out.  

    Best Time To Visit

    You should visit the wall when it is clear, not rainy and the weather is mild and comfortable. It can be tough to stand outside if it is raining or snowing.  


    You Should Know

    This wall divided East Berlin and West Berlin from 1961 to 1989 when it was destroyed and the two came together.
  • Sanssouci House – Potsdam
    Sanssouci House – Potsdam

    This is one of the most notable of the fine houses still standing in Potsdam. Home to Frederick the Great in the summertime, it features some of the most beautiful gardens on the outside.   

    Best Time To Visit

    This house can be visited at any time of the year and during any weather. Since it is inside, you don't have to worry about the outside elements ruining your time.    


    You Should Know 

    Built in 1745, most of the pieces inside are still there and they are offering tours for those who might be interested in learning more.
  • Dutch Quarter – Potsdam
    Dutch Quarter – Potsdam

    The Dutch Quarter has been mostly renovated but it has a lot of small Dutch brick buildings that were constructed in the past. The neighborhood has a lively, welcoming feel to it.  

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to go is during the warmer months when it is not raining. It is a neighborhood you can walk down and see the shops in.    


    You Should Know

    There are people living in the homes, so make sure to be respectful and friendly when walking through the area. It is also known as ‘Little Amsterdam' to many people.
  • Alexandrowka - Potsdam
    Alexandrowka - Potsdam

    This was once a full-on Russian colony in the past, but it is not a museum that has been dedicated to them. This is a big part of the area and definitely something worth seeing because of how interesting it is.  

    Best Time To Visit

    You can visit during any point in time, a lot of the pieces of this colony are outside though, so you might want to consider the weather.    


    You Should Know

    This is a museum, so you may have to pay a fee to get inside and there are hours to stick too. Check them before heading over.
  • Madgeburg Gothic Church
    Madgeburg Gothic Church

    This Gothic church is a big piece of the history of the area. It was built between 1209 and 1520, and even though it was partially destroyed during the Nazi era, there is still a lot left to see and explore while there.  

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to go is when it is a bit chillier out, or when it is raining because you can go inside the church and see everything without worrying about the outside elements.
  • Hamburg’s Red-Light District
    Hamburg’s Red-Light District

    If you are in the area to have fun, then Hamburg has plenty to offer you. You can find that the red-light district, though a little crazy, has some of the best clubs to stop in and have fun at. You can be sure to get more out of your time there.  

    Best Time To Visit

    It is good to visit when the weather is nicer, and you can bounce between clubs and places.  


    You Should Know

    There are a lot of legal things that can happen in this district, but you want to make sure you are alert.  

Elbe River Cruises When To Visit

Quick Facts

The weather on an Elbe cruise is definitely cold, regardless of what time of the year you go. The summer months are warmer, and the winter can be harsh, so it is usually never recommended. It is also important to note that sometimes the water levels can be too low to cruise through, so you might not be able to get through if you go during these times. The ships might not take off. 

  • Summer – Good Time

    The summer months are a good time to go, but the tourists are usually at an all-time high. This is between June and July. 

  • Spring – Good Time

    Another tourist time, the spring months are mild at around 70 degrees. This is between May and September. Rain definitely happens, as well so plan ahead.

  • Winter – Bad Time

    The winter months are the lowest in terms of tourists because the temperatures are so low. While this is not ideal, the costs can be lower to go on a cruise. This is generally between October and December.

Elbe River Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Elbe Cruise?

    An Elbe cruise takes you to a number of European areas along the Elbe River. You can find that plenty of these places have things to do. You don't have to worry about finding a hotel in each of them, or coming up with an itinerary since you can plan as you go. The ship provides everything else you might need, so it is basically an all-inclusive vacation that is affordable and easier on you to take.

  • What Comes with an Elbe Cruise?

    Almost everything is included on an Elbe Cruise. You can expect to have access to a wide range of food and simple drinks. Any alcohol, extras, gifts, or excursions that you want to do or have are extra, though. The room, linens, and everything else and many of the activities on board the ship are included in the price, too.

  • How Much Does an Elbe Cruise Cost?

    The cost of a cruise to the Elbe runs anywhere from $2,000 per person, up to $5,000 per person. The costs can change based on the type of room, the number of ports, where you're sailing from, extras and excursions, and how long the cruise is. It is important to book and plan ahead for the cruise, so you have an adequate amount of money for it.

  • What are the Best Elbe Cruise Lines to Take?

    There are no right or wrong cruise lines to take when you want to go on an Elbe cruise. The more recommended lines include Viking River Cruises, Grand Circle Cruise Lines, Riviera Travel, CroisiEurope, and a few others. You can choose which one you want to go on depending on what they offer, their prices, where they send off from, and more.

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