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Italy River Cruises 2023/2024

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Italy Travel Guide

Among Italy river cruises, the best, if not rare, river cruise to take is along Italy's longest river, the River Po. That is because the Po connects to Venice and its canals, and enables you to see Italian ports inside the country. Prominent Po River cruise destinations include Venice, Burano, Murano, Chioggia, Ravenna, Polesella, Ferrara, and Bologna. The river cruise season for northern Italy river cruises begins in March and ends in October. With river cruise volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 50% versus the brochure price! Book your Italy river cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted river cruise headquarters.

Italy Travel Guide
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River Cruises

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Showing 1 - 40 River Cruises

Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Jun 09, 2023Avalon WaterwaysPanoramaAmsterdamLake Como13$5,478
Jun 10, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaSerenaAmsterdamLake Como13$4,649
Jun 10, 2023Avalon WaterwaysPanoramaAmsterdamLake Como12$5,119
Jun 10, 2023EmeraldEmerald SunBudapestBucharest11$8,685
Jun 11, 2023UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,699
Jun 12, 2023EmeraldEmerald SunBudapestBucharest9$8,290
Jun 12, 2023EmeraldEmerald SunBudapestBucharest13$9,175
Jun 13, 2023Avalon WaterwaysPanoramaLake ComoAmsterdam12$5,198
Jun 14, 2023TauckMS InspireAmsterdamMilan11$7,690
Jun 16, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVistaAmsterdamLake Como13$5,478
Jun 17, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaMoraAmsterdamLake Como13$6,089
Jun 17, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVistaAmsterdamLake Como12$5,119
Jun 17, 2023EmeraldEmerald SunPragueAmsterdam24$9,145
Jun 18, 2023EmeraldEmerald SunBucharestBudapest9$8,290
Jun 18, 2023UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$4,399
Jun 20, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVistaLake ComoAmsterdam12$5,198
Jun 23, 2023Avalon WaterwaysPanoramaAmsterdamLake Como13$5,228
Jun 23, 2023EmeraldEmerald SunPragueAmsterdam18$12,450
Jun 24, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaSerenaAmsterdamLake Como13$6,089
Jun 24, 2023Avalon WaterwaysPanoramaAmsterdamLake Como12$4,869
Jun 25, 2023UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,699
Jun 26, 2023EmeraldEmerald SunBudapestAmsterdam15$11,790
Jun 26, 2023EmeraldEmerald LunaFrankfurtFrankfurt8$8,290
Jun 27, 2023Avalon WaterwaysPanoramaLake ComoAmsterdam12$4,848
Jun 30, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVistaAmsterdamLake Como13$5,128
Jul 01, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaMoraAmsterdamLake Como13$6,089
Jul 01, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVistaAmsterdamLake Como12$4,769
Jul 02, 2023UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,399
Jul 03, 2023EmeraldEmerald LunaFrankfurtFrankfurt8$6,890
Jul 07, 2023Avalon WaterwaysPanoramaAmsterdamLake Como13$5,128
Jul 07, 2023UniworldSS La VeneziaMilanVenice10$4,199
Jul 08, 2023AmaWaterwaysAmaSerenaAmsterdamLake Como13$6,089
Jul 08, 2023Avalon WaterwaysPanoramaAmsterdamLake Como12$4,769
Jul 09, 2023UniworldSS La VeneziaVeniceVenice8$3,399
Jul 10, 2023EmeraldEmerald SunAmsterdamBudapest15$12,690
Jul 11, 2023Gate1Monarch EmpressMilanParis16$4,849
Jul 11, 2023Gate1Monarch EmpressMilanAmsterdam13$4,149
Jul 12, 2023ScenicScenic OpalAmsterdamVienna29$17,765
Jul 14, 2023EmeraldEmerald DestinyBudapestAmsterdam15$11,190
Jul 14, 2023Avalon WaterwaysVistaAmsterdamLake Como13$5,128

Italy Travel Guide

Italy River Cruises Highlights

  • All gratuities include onshore or onboard
  • Scheduled airport transfers
  • Riverview suites or staterooms
  • Free meals the entire length of the trip, plus unlimited beverage selections
  • Escorted shore excursions conducted by English-speaking guides
  • Well-equipped fitness center onboard
  • Walking sticks and bicycles provided for onshore excursions
  • Internet and Wi-Fi access ship-wide

Italy River Cruises Travel Tips

  • To ensure walking comfort, wear cushioned walking shoes that fit well on your feet, as you will do a great deal of walking off the river cruise ship. 
  • Check your travel documents for errors and keep them accessible and handy for quick retrieval.
  • Convert your currency so you have a way to pay if you cannot use your credit card.
  • Pack your clothes so you only bring what you need. You should only need to travel with a carryon and a soft and small-wheeled duffel bag with a telescopic handle for easy transport.
  • Carry a universal travel adapter to quickly connect your electronics.
  • Carry a light sweater or jacket in case the air conditioning is too cold or you get caught in a shower.
  • Use Google Translate to help you read Italian language menus and signs.

Italy River Cruises Things To Do

  • Venice

    Venice is incomparable when it comes to seeing unique European sights. Because it is smaller, you can see the sights in a few days. No other place in Europe showcases the canals, architecture, and gondolas like Venice. When you land at this port, you know that you are exploring a one-of-kind place.

    Best Time To Visit

    According to U.S. News World travel, you should visit Venice is between September and November, or when the rush of tourists leave town. While temperatures range from the upper 30's to the middle 70s on the Fahrenheit scale, the reduced hotel rates and less crowded canals make wearing layers a minor inconvenience.


    You Should Know

    Climb up the Campanile di San Marco, a Venice bell tower that can be prominently seen on Venice's skyline. If the wind is too blustery or the temperature is too cold, the campanile usually closes. If you are taking a gondola ride, negotiate the time and price with your gondolier. An additional fee is charged if you ask the gondolier to sing. The Doge Palace was constructed in the gothic and Venetian styles, it served as a residence for the Doge (elected chief of state), and is now a museum.
  • Burano

    Burano, which is a Venetian island, reveals a colorful personality, both figuratively and literally. You cannot help but love the town, located in the Venetian Lagoon, whose colors dance in the green waterways, and where vibrantly painted homes display varied-colored blooms.

    Best Time To Visit

    If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a slower pace, the best time to see Burano is in September. By that time, most of the tourists have left Venice and its metro and suburban areas.


    You Should Know

    Burano is only a 45-minute boat ride from Venice. Burano is known as a lace-making town – Burano lace is well-known in Burano and throughout the world. Burano is home to the Lace Museum, which is located in Galuppi Square at Podesta of Torcello, a palace in Burano. The building was once used as a lace-making school. Burano is a fishing village. It is said that Burano's homes are brightly colored so the fishermen can see the town during foggy days.
  • Murano

    Rich with culture and tradition, Murano is a small isle near Venice. If you want to see glass-making at its finest, you will find what you are seeking when you visit Murano. Home to 5,000 people, the city's population comprises families who are direct descendants of the town's original glassmakers.

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to see Murano is in the early fall when you can enjoy the quietude and see the sights uninterrupted.


    You Should Know

    To visit Murano means to see the Venetian way of life from a bygone era. The site once served as a refuge for Venice glassmakers who had to leave Venice in 1291. You can visit a Murano glass-making factory to learn more about the traditional process of making glass. Some of the factories allow you to participate in the manufacture of the product. Because furnaces are used for this type of production, the factories usually close in August because of the outside heat. 
  • Chioggia

    Being one of Italy's oldest fishing towns, Chioggia offers a vast array of seafood selections. The town is home to both a wholesale fish business and a retail seafood market. Chioggia is similar to Venice but less busy. The Adriatic coastal town allows you to sight-see at a slower pace.

    Best Time To Visit

    Plan on visiting Chioggia in the early fall. However, Chioggia also offers a nice way to break away from the crowds during the summer. 


    You Should Know

    Like Venice, canals crisscross Chioggia, which is situated on a group of small isles. It is linked to the Italian mainland by causeways. When visiting Chioggia, you will want to walk its beautiful beach. All you need to do is take the bridge leading from the town's center and proceed to Sottomarina to trek the 10K longshore. Locals like walking the beach in the low season, especially near dusk, when the almost black sand of augite, silicates, and quartz glistens in the last remaining light.
  • Ravenna

    Although Ravenna is located inland, it can be easily accessed by Italy's Candiano Canal. The city is known for its Byzantine and Roman architecture. Lying within the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, Ravenna is famous for its beautiful mosaics that can be seen on central buildings, such as Basilica di San Vitale.

    Best Time To Visit

    To make the most of your time and money, it is best to visit Ravenna during the fall.


    You Should Know

    During Ancient Roman times, Ravenna was called Classe. It served as an imperial port and naval stronghold. The bustling pedestrian-friendly center of Ravenna is an ideal place to cycle and walk. The 1,400-year-old Basilica di San Vitale conveys brilliant mosaics as does the Mausoleum of Galla Placida, which is across from the basilica, and across the courtyard.
  • Polesella

    Situated in the Province of Rovigo, the Italian commune of Polesella is home to about 4,000 residents. Many river cruise visitors like to explore the area outdoors, whether they shop or eat or sight-see. Some of the must-see places include the picturesque Villa Morosini and the Palazzo Grimani.

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit the port of Polesella in September when the sun still shines and the crowds have tapered off.


    You Should Know

    Although it is often used for wedding receptions, you may be able to see the Villa Morosini when it is not being occupied. With its lovely garden and architecture, it provides a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of river cruise travel. The Palazzo Grimani is a mix of different architectural designs and features a center staircase that once led to the shoreline of the Po River.
  • Ferrara

    An influential port city, Ferrara is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy and provides plenty of sight-seeing opportunities for Italy river cruise visitors. The city boasts a myriad of beautiful old buildings, including the Palazzo dei Diamanti. The public area of Parco Massari provides a place to rest and relax, and to enjoy the natural scenery.

    Best Time To Visit

    Schedule your trip to Ferrara during the early autumn when things begin to settle down.


    You Should Know

    The Castle of Saint Michael is a medieval castle that sits on its own isle. Situated in the middle of old town, the building is also surrounded by a moat. Also known as the Cathedral of Saint George, the Ferrara Cathedral is known for its stunning interior design and architecture. 
  • Bologna

    The capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, Bologna is known as a foodie's paradise, given its pasta dishes, cheeses, meats, and wines. The city is also home to cultural and historical sight-seeing. Most of the city's piazzas and basilicas can be accessed by foot by way of a series of pedestrian-friendly streets. For example, from Piazza Maggiore, you can ascend the Asinelli Tower and see panoramic city views.

    Best Time To Visit

    Maintain a September or October travel itinerary if you plan to see Bologna, as you will like the slower pace and lower temperatures.


    You Should Know

    If you want to sample a variety of cuisine, follow the scent of fresh-baked bread to the city's historical markets where you can also buy some of the city's cured meats, such as Mortadella (Italian sausage). Check out the main shopping district of Bologna, or the Quadrilatero, which takes up a small area of the city's downtown. The walking streets link visitors to Bologna's best shops, some of which are housed in the upscale mall of Galleria Cavour. The mall features well-known brands, including Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton.

Italy River Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

While you will like the weather in the summer, you should consider taking one of the featured Italy river cruises during the shoulder season of September through November. During this period, you will pay lower prices and will experience fewer crowds.

  • Shoulder Season - March to April & October to November

    You may want to avoid spring travel, as snowmelt and flooding can affect river levels, which can lead to some changes during your river cruise. To make sure you experience a low-key and less problematic river cruise, it is better to schedule a river cruise in the shoulder season of September or October versus taking a river cruise in the shoulder season of April/May.

  • Summer - June to August

    While summer is indeed a propitious time for river cruise travel, you still have to consider the prices during this time of year. If you don't mind spending extra money during the summer months, then price, obviously, is not as much of a consideration as your ability to travel. 

Italy River Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Italy River Cruises?

    Italy river cruises enable you to fully appreciate the culture and history of Italy. One of the rarer itineraries offers are adventures along the Po River. Not only can you see Venice and some of its islands, but you can also include an extension to your river cruise, and add the cities of Florence and Rome.

  • What’s Included on Italy River Cruises?

    All-inclusive amenities are provided for packaged river cruises that cover northern Italy or Italian cities that lead to other European ports. You get ship-wide Wi-Fi and Internet and can enjoy all your meals and beverages for free. The river cruises also include built-in gratuities, airport transfers, and daily off-shore excursions.

  • What’s the Best River Cruise for an Italy River Cruise?

    The best provider of Italy river cruises is Uniworld – a company that features boutique river cruise services that are next to none. If you want to see the above-listed cities, Uniworld is a preferred choice. European Waterways is also a top choice if you wish to travel by barge.

  • How Much Do Italy River Cruises Cost?

    What you will pay for an Italy River cruise will depend on where you plan to go, what you wish to see, and the length of your river cruise holiday. On average, expect to spend about $500 per person per day if you want to enjoy more amenities or an all-inclusive river cruise package.

Learn More About Italy Cruises

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