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Seine River Cruises April 2024

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Seine Travel Guide

Noted as the third-longest river in France, the Seine stretches 485 miles, beginning in Dijon and draining into the English Channel. The famous river has been revered in many paintings. Impressionist painters Renoir and Monet both used the river as their subject. A trip along this waterway gives visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the French way of life. With river cruise volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 50% versus the brochure price! Book your Seine river cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted river cruise headquarters.

Seine Travel Guide
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Showing 1 - 40 River Cruises

Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Apr 01, 2024TauckMS SapphireRouenRouen10$5,590
Apr 01, 2024Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,999
Apr 01, 2024Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$4,549
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysPoetry IIParisMarseille15$6,598
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysPoetry IIParisNice17$7,277
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysPoetry IIMarseilleParis15$7,048
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIParisParis8$3,649
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIParisMarseille15$6,598
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIArlesLondon18$8,192
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIMarseilleParis15$7,048
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIParisLondon11$4,793
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysPoetry IIMarseilleLondon18$8,192
Apr 02, 2024Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIParisNice17$7,277
Apr 02, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaLyraParisParis10$4,999
Apr 03, 2024VikingViking KariParisParis8$8,999
Apr 03, 2024VikingViking HeimdalAvignonParis15$7,499
Apr 03, 2024VikingViking KariParisAvignon15$17,999
Apr 04, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaLyraParisParis8$4,099
Apr 04, 2024VikingViking SkagaParisParis8$4,099
Apr 04, 2024Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis11$3,699
Apr 04, 2024Gate1Monarch CountessParisParis9$3,149
Apr 07, 2024UniworldSS Joie de VivreBordeauxParis15$21,199
Apr 07, 2024UniworldSS Bon VoyageBordeauxParis15$21,199
Apr 07, 2024UniworldSS Joie de VivreParisParis8$6,399
Apr 07, 2024VikingViking HermodAvignonParis15$10,499
Apr 08, 2024ScenicScenic GemParisParis11$16,590
Apr 08, 2024ScenicScenic GemParisLyon21$34,175
Apr 08, 2024ScenicScenic DiamondBordeauxParis21$33,150
Apr 08, 2024ScenicScenic GemParisPorto21$36,285
Apr 08, 2024ScenicScenic AzurePortoParis21$34,555
Apr 08, 2024Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis12$3,499
Apr 08, 2024Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamParis14$3,899
Apr 09, 2024Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIParisParis8$3,149
Apr 09, 2024Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIParisLondon11$4,293
Apr 09, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaLyraParisParis10$5,099
Apr 09, 2024VikingViking RadgridParisParis8$3,999
Apr 10, 2024TauckMS SapphireParisParis8$5,790
Apr 10, 2024VikingViking DellingAvignonParis15$7,599
Apr 11, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaDanteParisParis10$5,099
Apr 11, 2024AmaWaterwaysAmaLyraParisParis8$4,199

Seine Travel Guide

Seine River Cruises Highlights

  • Enjoy alfresco dining while flowing along the Seine in the evening.
  • Stroll through Paris before your trip, savoring lunch and the views in the village of Montmartre, just outside of Paris.
  • Delight in France's renowned wines and cuisine onboard and off-board ship.
  • Spend more of your vacation seeing Paris on this river cruise, which often extends the time for Paris stays.
  • Visit the Normandy region in northern France, including Omaha Beach, which was the D-Day landing site in the Second World War.
  • Stop in Rouen, which features the Cathedrale Notre-Dame – the execution site of military leader and martyr, Joan of Arc.
  • Tour Giverny and the famous garden of the painter, Monet.
  • See Les Andelys – the portal to Chateau Gaillard, the 12th-century castle of Richard the Lionhearted.
  • Experience the haunts of Van Gogh in Auvers-Sur-Oise.
  • Visit the Chateau de Malmaison, Napoleon and Josephine's one-time residence.
  • From Honfleur, explore Belle Epoque resorts as well as the Normandy coast, or the beaches of Caudebec.
  • See all types of ships during your trip, including freight barges and ocean-going vessels

Seine River Cruises Travel Tips

  • Depending on the river cruise line, you can either secure a bike onboard or experience cycling in cities, such as Rouen, by using bikes from a local bike outfitter. If you want to bike, make sure you know about access to cycles beforehand.
  • It is usually a good idea to get to the starting point of your river cruise destination early. That way, you will feel less stressed and have more time to acclimate yourself to your new surroundings and activities.
  • Always carry some Euros with you to ensure you have enough money to tip waiters and drivers on your trip.
  • Make sure you have the following items for your Seine River cruise trip: power converters and strips; comfortable walking shoes; rain gear; memory cards for your camera; luggage tags; and a tote bag.
  • Only pack what you need, and make sure you place items that must be accessed quickly at the top of your travel bag.
  • Seine River cruises normally run from March to December, with the shoulder seasons of March and April and November and December being preferable for beating the crowds and enjoying reduced pricing.
  • Before your river cruise, familiarize yourself with some general French phrases, so you can feel more comfortable when seeing the sights and communicating.

Seine River Cruises Things To Do

  • Paris, France
    Paris, France

    Paris offers you a great way to begin your Seine River cruise, as it provides you with a veritable introduction to the French culture. Not only is it the most popular travel destination, Paris also gives you great insight into the pace of French life and its diverse attractions. Along with seeing sights, such as the Eiffel Tower, you can also visit out-of-the-way cafes or get caught up in the excitement of visiting the shops and sights of the Champs-Elysees.

    Best Time To Visit

    While many visitors like to see Paris in the spring, or in June and July, you may want to go during August when Parisians go on holiday. 


    You Should Know

    Named for Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is the most popular landmark in the world. Before your Seine River cruise, why not picnic on the banks of the Seine River? Buy some fruit, cheese, and baguettes and watch the boats float over the water in the late afternoon or toward the end of the day. The Palace of Versailles was the home of Louis XIV, an important royal residence until 1789, or the beginning of the French Revolution. A visit to Paris gardens in the spring and summer, such as Jardin des Luxembourg and Jardin des Tuileries, makes any trip to Paris all the more magical.
  • Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and Auvers-Sur-Oise
    Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and Auvers-Sur-Oise

    Located close to Paris, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is a suburb in north-central France and is named for the geographic confluence of the Seine and Oise rivers. From this section in Paris, you can travel to Auvers-Sur-Oise, which is the town where the painter Vincent Van Gogh died.  

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to see Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and Auvers-Sur-Oise is during August, or when Parisians are usually on holiday. This will give you more time to visit the two places without distraction.


    You Should Know

    In Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, the Musee de la Batellerie reveals all you need to know about river transportation and canal building in France during the 17th and 18th centuries. Antique shipbuilding tools and navigational items are part of the exhibits. Visit the Chateau de Malmaison, where Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte once lived. Summer is the ideal time to visit the estate's beautiful gardens.
  • Vernon and Giverny
    Vernon and Giverny

    While you will dock at Vernon, you will travel to Giverny, a short distance away. Giverny is famous, as it was the home of painter, Claude Monet. The location inspired the artist's work and is the setting for Monet's gardens and ponds.

    Best Time To Visit

    You can see the area's gardens in full bloom during the summer months, so these are the times that most travelers choose to visit Giverny. 


    You Should Know

    Located in northern France, Giverny is a must-see attraction. Claude Monet, the famous Impressionist artist, worked and lived in the village from 1883 until he died, in 1926. Monet created his water lily series in Giverny, which are now featured in Giverny's Foundation Claude Monet Museum.
  • Les Andelys
    Les Andelys

    Located on the Seine River, Les Andelys, which is located in Upper Normandy, is separated into Grand-Andely and Petit Andely. The village offers visitors a chance to visit historic attractions, such as the fortress, Chateau Gaillard, which can be seen from afar when walking along the Seine's banks.

    Best Time To Visit

    Based on tourist scores, the best time to travel to Les Andelys is from June to September.


    You Should Know

    Chateau Gaillard is the fortress and castle built by Richard the Lionhearted or Richard I, otherwise known as the Duke of Normandy. The Petit Andely St. Sauveur Church was constructed from 1198 to 1202. The Grand Andely Notre Dame Collegiate Church was built over a 500-year period, with construction beginning in the 1200s. This site is where the wife of Clovis, Queen Clotilde, founded the first Norman abbey in the year 511. Clovis is known as the first Christian king of the Franks.
  • Rouen

    Sitting along the banks of the Seine River, Rouen provides river cruise-goers with an impressive view as they sail toward this medieval city. Also known as the capital of Normandy, Rouen was badly destroyed during the Second World War. Since that time, the "City of 100 Spires," has been successfully restored.

    Best Time To Visit

    You should travel to Rouen is in the late spring, summer, or early fall.


    You Should Know

    One of the popular tourist sites in Rouen is the marker showing the spot where Joan of Arc died. She was burned at the stake in 1431. Rouen is home to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The painter, Claude Monet, noticed how natural light impacted the building's façade. From this observation, he started painting at different times of the day.
  • Caudebec

    Caudebec serves as a primary river cruise port for visiting the beaches of Normandy and the seventh-century Jumieges Abbey ruins. The green and shaded riverbank in Caudebec is a popular place for walking during the summer and early fall.

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit Caudebec from June to August when you can enjoy the sights and green canopies of trees along the Seine River.


    You Should Know

    Visit the Church of Notre Dame, built in the 1400s. The church's richly carved exterior and beautiful stained-glass windows make it a popular tourist site. The Maison des Templiers serves as the town's museum of local history.
  • Caen

    Located about 2 hours from Paris and only 10 minutes from the Normandy beaches, Caen is an energetic city whose history played a pivotal role during World War II. The Battle of Caen lasted for two months before the end of the conflict on August 6, 1944.

    Best Time To Visit

    According to tourist scores, the best time to see Caen is usually from June and September.


    You Should Know

    In the center of Caen sits the Chateau de Caen, built around 1060, by William the Conqueror. The building is flanked by the abbeys of Saint-Etienne and Staine-Trinite, which were erected at about the same time. Caen serves as home to a multimedia war museum that features exhibits covering the Battle of Normandy, the Second World War, and the Cold War.
  • Honfleur

    Not all Seine River cruises include Honfleur on their itinerary. Therefore, make sure you find a river cruise that adds this port to its schedule. The 17th-century harbor town of Honfleur can best be seen on a walking tour. Here is where the Seine River finally empties into the English Channel. The town, which has inspired French paintings, takes you back in time with its old townhomes lining the Vieux-Bassin or old harbor.

    Best Time To Visit

    Honfleur is best seen during the summer months or in September.


    You Should Know

    Built by shipbuilders in the 15th century, the vaulted St. Catherine's Church is the largest timber church in France. The Notre-Dame de Grace was constructed by the Duke of Normandy during the 15th century. The building replaced a chapel that was destroyed when a cliff collapsed. To show his thanks for surviving a violent storm, the duke had the church built.

Seine River Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

While Parisians love the springtime, they tend to migrate to holiday destinations during August, thereby clearing the way for others to visit Paris, plus other ports along the Seine River. You may prefer to travel during this time, as the breeze from the river can offer some relief from the warmer temperatures. 

When you include Paris on your Seine River Cruise, you might also think about taking the river trip during the shoulder seasons, such as March and April or October and November. While it rains more during these times, you can still travel at reduced prices.

You might also make a Seine River cruise part of your Christmas activities. During November and December, you can visit the Christmas markets and see the cities' festive and glistening lights. It truly is the type of trip that will fill you with holiday joy.

Seine River Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a Seine River Cruise?

    A Seine River cruise usually lasts 8 days and covers the cities of Paris and Rouen and ports and towns in the Normandy region. You can see the farmhouse where Impressionist painter Claude Monet lived along with many of the artist's works. You will also be able to visit the Normandy beaches where D-Day landings took place. 

  • What’s Included on a Seine River Cruise?

    All-inclusive packages are offered on Seine River cruises that feature arrival and departure transfers, premium stateroom, planned daily excursions, and all meals. You can also book air travel along with the river cruise on some travel platforms.

  • What’s the Best Cruise for a Seine River Cruise?

    Because of the Seine's popularity as a river cruise experience, several river cruise companies operate on the river. The top providers include Scenic Tours, Viking River Cruises, Avalon Waterways, and AmaWaterways. 

  • How Much Does a Seine River Cruise Cost?

    During shoulder season (such as March and April or October and November), expect to pay around $1,400 per person on an eight-day standard Seine River cruise. That amount will typically climb to over $2,000 per person during the peak season in mid-June. The price you pay will depend on the length of the river cruise, the type of stateroom you book, and whether or not the river cruise is all-inclusive.

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