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Guaranteed Low Prices on Contiki Tours

With Contiki volume buys plus our low Contiki tour prices you can save up to 40% versus doing the same itinerary on your own. At AffordableTours.com you will find the guaranteed lowest prices on Contiki Tours plus we pledge to deliver to you our award winning top-notch service. Contiki Tours specializes in social travel for young adults aged 18-35 providing unique travel experiences for over 60 years. Offering a range of trips to destinations all over the world, from Europe to Asia, Australia to North America, and beyond.

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    Review: Fire & Ice With Contiki- The Best Way For Young People To Vacation

    Hot springs, sprouting geysers and crashing waterfalls. Explore the best of Iceland’s natural beauty on Fire & Ice with Contiki.

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    How do you like to see the world? Do you dream of a relaxing day of sipping frozen drinks next the pool or do you dream of something more immersive? Staying active with action-packed sailings is the perfect blend of both worlds. Tour companies like Intrepid, Contiki, and G Adventures offer adventure sailing that will…

  • What’s New For Contiki In 2018

    2018 is an exciting year for Contiki. Between their new revolutionary travel style, and a innovative way to experience Europe, 2018 might be Contiki’s best year yet. Read more about the highly anticipated new travel style, new immersive itineraries, authentic new dining program and new millennial river cruises!

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We Are Committed To:

When you book a trip with us, whether it's halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you can rest assured that you'll benefit from our vast experience in the travel industry, our award-winning service, low prices, and client satisfaction.

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  • Latin America Image

    Latin America

    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale! The Caribbean's sun-kissed shores, cascading waterfalls, ancient Incan wonders, bustling urban centers, and verdant tropical jungles. Latin America, a vibrant blend of culture, taste, and heritage, promises to paint your world in hues you've never imagined. FOR 18-35 YEAR OLDS!

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  • USA and Canada Image

    USA and Canada

    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale! Embrace the iconic North American road journey. From desert vistas to towering surf waves, bustling metropolises to renowned ski slopes, it's all within reach. Are you ready to dive in?  FOR 18-35 YEAR OLDS!

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  • Africa and Middle East Image

    Africa and Middle East

    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale! From the biblical lands of Israel to the spice islands of Zanzibar, the Middle East and Africa are regions worth dedicating months and years of travel to. From the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Serengeti to the vibrant rhythms of local communities, expertly curated safaris promise an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, discovery, and lifelong memories. FOR 18-35 YEAR OLDS!

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  • Asia and India Image

    Asia and India

    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale! Imagine a kaleidoscope of colors, spices, diverse landscapes, delectable cuisines, and captivating chaos - all uniquely Asia and India. Journeys through Asia and India promise to awaken your senses and ignite your imagination. Explore the vibrant cities of Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Goa. Witness the majestic Taj Mahal, embark on a journey to Mt. Fuji, check out Akihabara, the ultimate gaming district, or immerse yourself in the world of Bollywood dance. FOR 18-35 YEAR OLDS!

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  • Australia Image


    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale! Boost your adrenaline Kiwi-style, experience reef diving or cliff bungee jumping with Contiki Vacations! Explore the South Island's mountains and glaciers or discover Aboriginal rock art in Kakadu - Contiki guarantees an unforgettable adventure. FOR 18-35 YEAR OLDS!

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  • Europe Image


    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale! Europe isn't just a journey, it's a defining adventure. With its vibrant beaches, enchanting castles, Mediterranean panoramas, lively cities, iconic landmarks, bustling markets, picturesque hillsides, and countless #NOREGRETS moments, Europe awaits to create unforgettable memories. FOR 18-35 YEAR OLDS!

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  • New Zealand Image

    New Zealand

    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale! Compact yet powerful, strikingly beautiful yet unassumingly charming, New Zealand beckons with its ethereal landscapes, earning its nickname as the land of the long white cloud. Exploring its wonders, you'll find yourself captivated by every corner of these enchanting islands. FOR 18-35 YEAR OLDS!

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Learn More About Contiki Tours

Contiki Tours is a travel company specializing in providing adventure-filled tours and experiences for young people between 18 and 35. Founded in 1962, Contiki has been in the business of providing unique and memorable travel experiences for over 60 years. With its global reach, Contiki offers tours and experiences in over 50 countries, spanning six continents.

Contiki believes that travel should be more than just a sightseeing tour; it should be an opportunity to connect with other people, immerse oneself in new cultures, and create lasting memories. That's why Contiki focuses on providing social travel experiences that emphasize community, adventure, and personal growth.

At the heart of Contiki Tours are its expertly curated trips, which offer a mix of must-see destinations and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Contiki's trips are designed to be hassle-free, with everything from transportation and accommodation to activities and meals taken care of. Each trip is led by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Trip Manager who is passionate about sharing their love for travel and helping travelers make the most of their experience.

Contiki Tours is committed to sustainability and responsible travel practices. Its MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® program is a commitment to protecting people, wildlife, and the planet. The program is powered by The TreadRight Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with Contiki and other travel companies to make a positive impact on the world through responsible tourism.

Contiki's online magazine, six-two, provides travelers with inspiration and travel tips, while its community forum allows travelers to connect with each other and share advice and experiences.

Whether solo or traveling with friends, Contiki Tours offers a social and adventurous way to explore the world. With its commitment to responsible travel practices and expertly curated trips, Contiki is the perfect choice for young travelers looking to connect with other like-minded people, make lasting memories, and have the trip of a lifetime.

  • Contiki Tours specializes in social travel for 18-35s.
  • They have been honing social travel for over 60 years.
  • They offer trips to amazing destinations around the world.
  • Their trips include transport, accommodation, and experiences.
  • They offer trips for solo travelers, and almost 60% of their travelers join alone.
  • Contiki Trips are curated by travel experts.
  • Their trips are led by Trip Managers who serve as guides, friends, and confidantes.
  • Contiki Tours is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has a Climate Action Plan.
  • They are committed to adopting top-notch global safety protocols.
  • They commit to protecting people, wildlife, and the planet through their MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® initiative.
  • Contiki Tours has a global community of travelers who share amazing experiences together.
  • They offer Flexibility Promise, which allows travelers to change their plans for any reason or no reason at all.

Top Reasons To Choose Contiki Tours

  • Social travel for 18-35s:  Contiki tours are specifically designed for young adults between the ages of 18-35 who want to explore the world and connect with like-minded travelers.
  • Amazing destinations:  Contiki offers a wide range of destinations around the world, from popular hotspots to off-the-beaten-path locales.
  • Expertly curated experiences:  Contiki's travel experts carefully curate each trip to ensure that you get the most out of your journey, with unique and authentic experiences that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Convenient transportation:  Contiki takes care of all your transportation needs, from getting you to your destination to navigating local transportation throughout your trip.
  • Comfortable accommodation:  With Contiki, you'll stay in comfortable and convenient accommodations, whether that's a cozy hostel or a luxury hotel.
  • Expert guidance:  Every Contiki tour is led by an experienced Trip Manager who will act as your guide, confidant, and walking encyclopedia throughout your journey.
  • Group dynamics:  Contiki trips are designed to bring people together and foster a sense of community. You'll quickly make lifelong friends and have unforgettable experiences with your fellow travelers.
  • Sustainability Commitment:  Contiki is committed to traveling sustainably and consciously and has implemented initiatives to protect people, wildlife, and the planet we all share.
  • Solo Traveler Guarantee:  Contiki understands that not everyone may have a travel companion, which is why they offer a Solo Traveler Guarantee. This means that if you book a trip as a solo traveler, Contiki will pair you up with another traveler of the same gender to share a room with for no additional cost.
  • Solo traveler-friendly:  Contiki trips are creatively designed to construct group dynamics fast, so you won't feel solo. You'll have plenty of opportunities to connect with other travelers and make new friends.
  • Contiki Cares:  As a part of its commitment to responsible and sustainable travel, Contiki has a program called "Contiki Cares," which supports various social and environmental initiatives around the world. Through this program, Contiki funds and participates in projects such as marine conservation, wildlife protection, and community development.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contiki Tours

  • What is Contiki, and what kind of tours do they offer?

    Contiki is a travel company that offers group tours for 18-35-year-olds. They offer a wide variety of tours to destinations all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

  • How many people are typically in a Contiki tour group?

    Contiki tours typically have around 30-40 people in a group, although group sizes can vary depending on the specific tour.

  • Are meals and accommodations included in the price of a Contiki tour?

    Yes, most meals and accommodations are included in the price of a Contiki tour. However, some meals may not be included, and travelers may need to budget for these expenses.

  • What kind of travel styles does Contiki offer?

    Contiki offers a variety of travel styles to cater to different traveler preferences, including high energy, easy pace, discovery plus, and ski and snowboard tours. They also offer "ME Time" add-ons for travelers who want to customize their experience with additional activities or experiences.

  • How much spending money should I bring on a Contiki tour?

    The amount of spending money needed on a Contiki tour can vary depending on the destination and personal spending habits. Contiki recommends budgeting around $100-$150 USD per day for additional expenses.

  • What is the group dynamic like on a Contiki tour?

    Contiki tours are designed to encourage group interaction and socialization. Travelers come from all over the world and often form lifelong friendships on their tours.

  • What is a Trip Manager, and what do they do?

    A Trip Manager is a trained travel professional who accompanies the tour group throughout the trip. They are responsible for organizing activities, providing local knowledge and recommendations, and ensuring the overall smooth operation of the tour.

  • Are Contiki tours environmentally friendly?

    Contiki has a commitment to sustainable and responsible travel through their MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® program. This includes initiatives such as reducing food waste, eliminating single-use plastics, and supporting sustainable tourism projects.

  • Are Contiki tours only for partying and nightlife?

    While Contiki tours do offer opportunities for nightlife and partying, they also offer a variety of cultural and outdoor activities for travelers who are interested in more than just partying.

  • Can I join a Contiki tour as a solo traveler?

    Yes, many travelers join Contiki tours as solo travelers. The group dynamic of the tours is designed to quickly build connections and friendships between travelers.

Contiki Tours Customer Reviews

Ratings based off 66 reviews about Contiki Tours - currently showing 4 reviews with comments only
Kiwiana Panorama Auckland to ChristchurchFrom Oct Start Auckland end Christchurch
4.2/5 - Very Good
Professional Staff
Repeat with Operator
Value for Money
Reviewed on Jan 18, 2019

Prepare to spend more than usual on a Contiki tour.

Northern Choice Christchurch to Auckland Start Christchurch end Auckland
4.6/5 - Excellent
Professional Staff
Repeat with Operator
Value for Money
Reviewed on Apr 09, 2017

We were lucky that the group of people with were good, but it was a large group tour and did have some of the downfalls of a trip of that nature, like frequent breaks for the bathroom, difficulty when eating out together, and getting things on and off the coach. The trip was still great and a good value for the money.

Reviewed on Jun 10, 2016

It was a good value and the experiences included were worth it. The only part that wasn't the best were the accommodations as it was hit and miss. Half of the hotels on the trip were okay, and the other half were really nice.


I had an amazing trip!

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