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With Globus volume buys plus our low Globus prices you can save up to 40% versus doing the same itinerary on your own. At AffordableTours.com you will find the guaranteed lowest prices on Globus Tours plus we pledge to deliver to you our award winning top-notch service. Since 1928, Globus Tours has led the way in escorted travel worldwide. Globus Journeys has vacation packages on six continents and hundreds of itineraries, no matter where on the globe you want to travel, Globus has a tour for you. Globus Tours takes extra care to select hotels and guides ensuring a top-notch experience.

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    Review: Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

    By: Michael Walstrom, Senior Travel Consultant (CTA) Seattle – We arrived a day early and booked an extra night at the Sheraton Grand which is in a great location and has very good rooms. Day 1: We started at the Starbucks Reserve and then walked the city.  The Space needle and Chihuly Gardens were the highlight…

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    What Is Your Travel Style?

    Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but with so many different destinations andactivities to choose from, planning a trip can be overwhelming. Identifying your travel style isone way to make the planning process easier and ensure that you have the best possibleexperience. Understanding your travel style can help you choose the right destinations,activities, and…

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    Review: Canyon Country Adventure With Globus

    On our Canyon Country Adventure with Globus tour, we saw so much of the Earth’s nature and beautiful scenery, and enjoyed every minute of it.

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When you book a trip with us, whether it's halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you can rest assured that you'll benefit from our vast experience in the travel industry, our award-winning service, low prices, and client satisfaction.

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    River Cruises

    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale! Step aboard the acclaimed Avalon Waterways, formerly known as Globus River Cruises. Featuring the exclusive Open-Air Balconies, enjoy uninterrupted views of the picturesque scenery. The luxurious Avalon Panorama Suites are cherished by even the most discerning travelers. Take your pick from over 70 river cruises spanning Europe, Asia, South America, and Egypt. Cruise along iconic rivers like the Rhine, Danube, Seine, Rhone, Nile, or Amazon in utmost comfort and elegance. With Avalon Choice, tailor your journey to your preferences, whether it's Classic, Discovery, or Active, and customize your cruise experience to suit your mood.

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  • Worldwide Travel Planner Image

    Worldwide Travel Planner

    NEW! 2025 Now Open for Sale!  With an array of continents, countless itineraries, and diverse travel styles, Globus tours provides the ideal vacation for every traveler. Start by selecting your desired destination: Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, North-South or Central America, and beyond. Then, tailor your travel experience to your preferences. Opt for Escapes by Globus for off-peak travel, promising fewer crowds and great savings. Or, delve into Small-Group Discoveries for intimate tours, with an average of 24 guests per journey. Seeking more flexibility? ChoiceTouring offers YourChoice excursions, allowing you to personalize your vacation to your liking. 

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Learn More About Globus Tours

Globus is a travel company that specializes in providing escorted tours, river cruises, and independent travel packages to destinations worldwide. The company's long and fascinating history dates back to 1928 when Antonio Mantegazza started transporting commercial goods across Lake Lugano in a rowboat. Over time, Mantegazza acquired motor coaches to transport travelers around southern Switzerland and called his company Globus Viaggi. By the 1950s, Globus was operating overnight trips to popular destinations like Rome, Venice, and the French Riviera. The company's innovative circular tours helped make motorcoach travel more convenient, and it soon expanded to include trips to Italy, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia, and England. Globus' Grand European Touring option, offering first-class tours to Europe, allowed the company to enter the travel market in the U.S. in the 1950s. Today, Globus Tours offers vacation packages on six continents and hundreds of itineraries. The company takes extra care in selecting hotels and guides, ensuring a top-notch experience for all travelers. With Globus, you can explore the world in various ways – near and far, off-the- beaten-path, into the iconic, or out on your own. No matter your travel style, you'll never need to worry about planning, logistics, transportation, accommodations, or expert guidance. Globus' expert guides bring destinations to life with their local knowledge and travel experience. They speak the local language as well as English, making communication easier and more interesting. The company features trips where travelers do not have to wait in line at sites and attractions, as admissions are included in the tour price. With Globus, travelers can embark on a stress-free tour that takes care of all the details of trip planning, offers more trip inclusions for unique travel experiences, allows more time to explore a destination or city on your own, and features first-class accommodations.

  • Globus is part of the Globus Family of Brands which also includes: Cosmos, a budget tour operator, and Avalon River Cruises. Globus offers several different travel styles from Independent vacations to Small Group Discoveries.
  • Globus hand selects first-class hotels near sights you want to be at.
  • Expert local guides bring destinations to life with their knowledge and experience.
  • Globus Journeys offers tours to worldwide destinations across six continents.
  • Globus offers a menu of optional excursions or activities to tailor your vacation.
  • Travel in the modern comforts on a first-class coach with ample legroom, large windows, comfortable seats, and free Wi-Fi.
  • Trip protection is offered for your vacation to ensure that you won't lose money in case your trip is canceled or your baggage is lost.
  • The GlobusGO App gives you all the details needed to prepare for a Globus tour.

Top Reasons To Choose Globus Tours

  • With Globus, travelers can relax and enjoy their vacation without worrying about the details. Globus handles everything from transportation to accommodations to expert guidance, so travelers can simply focus on the experience.
  • Globus offers a wide range of unique experiences with added inclusions not typically found in other tour packages. These inclusions may include special events, behind-the-scenes access, and unique dining experiences.
  • Globus tours are designed to give travelers plenty of free time to explore destinations on their own. Whether it's visiting a local market, trying a new restaurant, or simply strolling through the streets, Globus encourages travelers to make their trips their own.
  • Globus makes sure that the hotels where travelers stay are conveniently located.
  • Globus' expert guides bring destinations to life with their local knowledge and experience. They are fluent in the local language as well as English, making communication easier and more interesting.
  • Globus features trips where travelers do not have to wait in line at sites and attractions.
  • Globus has made a commitment to providing sustainable travel options to minimize negative impacts on the environment and reduce dependence on non-renewable resources. The company's "Leave Only Footprint and Take Only Photos" policy encourages travelers to focus on sustainability while traveling.
  • Globus offers the option to book a private tour. This form of travel permits travelers to enjoy the benefits of a Globus trip itinerary while handpicking the people with whom they travel. This allows travelers to spend more time at certain attractions and go at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Globus Tours

  • What phone number should I contact a support number to book a trip or ask questions?

    Please call AffordableTours.com at 1-800-935-2620 to inquire about escorted tours featured by Globus.

  • What are Escapes by Globus?

    While summer is the peak season for travel, you can also get some good travel deals during the off-season when the temperatures are milder and travelers experience fewer crowds. Therefore, you will pay lower prices when you book during these less-crowded and temperature-friendly times. Escapes by Globus provides the best travel deals across the globe – each of which are presented when travel is not in big demand. In turn, tourists can see popular destinations for less money. The program also permits solo travelers to stay in a single room with a single supplement waived. To take advantage of Escapes of Globus, check with your travel advisor about off-season trips under this category.

  • What are some of the popular off-season Escapes offered by Globus?

    Escapes for off-season travel included trips to Sicily, southern and northern Ireland, Britain, Scotland, and Morocco.

  • When do most off-season trips take place?

    February to March and October to December represent off-season travel times in Europe and Morocco. Many Escapes by Globus feature travel to Scotland, Ireland, Morocco, Greece, and Italy during these travel times.

  • What are Undiscovered Tours by Globus?

    These tours allow you to see sights that may be off the beaten track or see the places in locales that are less-traveled.

  • What are examples of Undiscovered Tour locations?

    An example of Undiscovered Tours in North America includes tours of southern California, the Hudson River Valley and New England, Quebec and Louisville. You can sightsee and learn about facts that will give you new insights into a specific city or town, or region.

  • Does Globus feature multi-country tours?

    Yes. Some of the most popular tours start in Budapest and end in Prague or Berlin. Other popular options include the 9-day tour that begins in Dublin and ends in London. Another tour features both London and Paris. You can also see legendary European capitals, such as Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, and England.

  • Why should I book through a travel agent at Affordable Tours?

    Booking through a travel agent will ensure that you will get the best travel deals that meet your expectations with respect to price, location, travel availability, and trip length. Travel agents are familiar with all facets of travel, and also have easy access to special savings offers and discounts.

  • Does Globus offer small group tours?

    Globus offers Small group Discovery tours on the land portion of a selection of dates to Europe, North America, South Pacific, Asia or Africa which have an average of 24 guests.

  • Can Globus travelers pre-pay their gratuities?

    Globus provides trip-goers with the ability to pay tips to the Driver and Tour Director before their scheduled vacation date in select destinations. A base rate per person has been established for the length of the vacation. However, local guides and others do not receive this in-built tip.

  • Does Globus offer Private Tours?

    Yes. Globus offers the option to book a private tour for 2 or more people. This form of travel permits you to enjoy the benefits of a Globus trip itinerary but to handpick the people with whom you travel. You can go with your partner, travel with friends, or take a private family tour. During the journey, you will have your own dedicated Tour Director, private transportation and driver, and own professional Local Guides. Choosing a private tour option allows you to spend more time at certain attractions and go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

  • How many bags can I bring?

    Where available, hotel porterage will allow one bag per traveller and is included in the price for Globus and Avalon, please note porterage is not included at train stations or airports. If space is available, additional bags are charged extra. If space is not available the travellers is responsible for arrangements for extra bags.

  • What is Choice Touring?

    Choice Touring allows you to design your days with YourChoice excursions at no extra cost to you. Pick the excursion that most interests you making your vacation experience unique to you. 

  • Does Globus offer travel protection for its guests?

    Yes. Comprehensive travel protection insurance is offered at an affordable price.

  • Does Globus offer Independent tours?

    Independence by Globus gives you the benefits of touring without the schedules. Discover on your own at whatever pace you like and still have the support from travel experts.

  • What is the best way to pay for snacks and some meals?

    Usually, it is best to take a certain amount of cash with you on your trip, as credit cards are not always accepted when you buy smaller-priced items or dine in some restaurants.

  • Should I bring more than one credit card?

    Yes, travel advisors suggest you bring more than one credit card, as some merchants may accept a different credit card than the one you are carrying. Be prepared to show identification (a passport) when using a credit card. This is often required because of the high incidences of credit card fraud the world over. When a transaction is processed, make sure you keep your card in sight.

  • What makes Globus different?

    Globus is known as one of the largest tour operators in the world. Therefore, it is well-positioned to handle all your tour needs and travel arrangements. Because it covers over 30 brands, you can consider the travel operator to be your one go-to source when it comes to any type of vacation trip. 

Globus Tours Customer Reviews

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Globus has always been a good choice. Their tours are great. They have everything well planned.


We love Globus and have been on many tours including Avalon cruises and Independence City Stays too.


We have gone on several globus tours and always had a great experience. the hotels are all top notch, the travel arrangements great, the destinations and side trips wonderful.


We have taken several tours with Globus and will continue due to their professionalism, knowledge and quality of service.


We thoroughly enjoyed this trip. It was everything we expected and more. I would definitely book another trip with Globus. I look forward to my next tour.

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