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Get ready for good views, good friends, and good times on over 1000 Small Group Travel Trips to more than 100 countries with Intrepid. It’s small group travel that's good all over. Intrepid is proud to be the world's largest travel B Corp and offers itineraries for every age, budget, and appetite for adventure. Their small group adventures cover four distinct travel styles – Basix, Original, Comfort, and Premium. They also offer 16 themes that allow travelers to immerse themselves in specific interests: Cycling, Food, Polar, Sailing, Adventure Cruising, Family, 18 to 29s, Active, Walking and Trekking, Festivals, Retreats, Wildlife, Short Breaks, Tailor-Made, Explorer, and Urban Adventures.
Before you know it, you could be feasting on a home-cooked dinner at a family home in Morocco, hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru, or enjoying a homestay experience in the backwaters of Kerala in India. Let's go!

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    Avoid fees and frustration with cancellations up to 56 days before departure on select eligible trips and easy deposit transfer.
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We Are Committed To:

When you book a trip with us, whether it's halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you can rest assured that you'll benefit from our vast experience in the travel industry, our award-winning service and client satisfaction.

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Intrepid Tours Brochures

  • Africa and the Middle East Image

    Africa and the Middle East

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! These trips come in all shapes and sizes - from short breaks to epic overland journeys. This brochure is packed with active tours, safari adventures and immersive cultural experiences, taking in the diversity of the expansive Africa continent.

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  • 18 to 29 Year Old Adventures Image

    18 to 29 Year Old Adventures

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Intrepid believes there's a better way to travel – one that allows you to see the world while also giving back. That's why Intrepid created a range of trips exclusively for the next generation of socially conscious explorers. Adventures for travelers aged 18 to 29 are for those who want to discover new places and cultures, make a difference in the world, and connect with their own small crew along the way.

    Learn More >
  • Adventure Cruising Image

    Adventure Cruising

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Adventure Cruising is about exploring remote islands in the Andaman Sea and taking in Montenegro's surprising fjordic landscape. It's about discovering hidden jungle waterfalls and wandering through little Croatian laneways with your leader. It's about traveling with a small group, so when we pull into port or drop anchor at the islands, you'll get to know the locals, rather than outnumber them.

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  • Asia Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Every one of these Asia trips has a particular style from active tours to family-friendly journeys. From joining a family for dinner in Thailand or bonding with locals on a train in India. Because of these real-life travel experiences - spontaneous and simple of moments - that stay with you long after you've returned home.

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  • Central and South America Image

    Central and South America

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Colorful, candid and everything in between, South America beats to the rhythm of an infectious, eternal drum. From the rocky slopes of Galapagos to the dawn-lit ruins of Machu Picchu, South and Central America are effervescent with sights, sounds, and salsa.

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  • Cycling Adventures Image

    Cycling Adventures

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! There's a nice simplicity to cycling. You start at A and slowly ride your way to B, powered by nothing but your own legs. This is cycling Intrepid-style. These trips are for people who really want to see a place, not just travel it. Ride on.

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  • Europe Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Enduring, eclectic, endlessly appealing – Europe is easy to explore and impossible to forget. Not sure whether you want to hike through rugged wilderness, explore 13th-century churches or spend your afternoons sipping wine in the sun? In Europe you can do it all and do it well.

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  • Family Adventures Image

    Family Adventures

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Intrepid has developed a better style of family travel, one that favors real-life experiences over the virtual ones. Start with kid-friendly hotels, and then sprinkle in a tuk-tuk ride through the streets of Bangkok, a football match with Maasai tribesmen or sailing down the Nile in an Egyptian felucca. Who needs a ball pit and a buffet when you’ve got the whole world to play in?

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  • Food Worldwide Adventures Image

    Food Worldwide Adventures

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Uncover a world of authentic, mouth-watering food tours & travel designed to suit any budget, appetite and time frame. These itineraries aim to really get you under the skin of the world's most exciting food cultures.

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  • North America Image

    North America

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! North America is a land designed for dreamers. It’s probably the most talked about, analyzed, mythologized and misunderstood continent on earth. You can search the desert canyons of Nevada, to Canada’s glacial valleys. So hop in a Cadillac, crank up the tunes and hit the open road, along with all the other dreamers.

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  • Oceania and Australia Image

    Oceania and Australia

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! You’ll need a big set of crayons to fill in the color wheel of Oceania. From the ochre rocks and rusted deserts of the Outback to the pure white of New Zealand snow, the moss green of Tasmania's southern forests and the inky brown of a classic Melbourne espresso. Oceania is life in full color, just the way we like it.

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  • Polar Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! No matter whether you're visiting the southern or northern extremes of our planet, there's something about these white landscapes that captures the imaginations of even the most hardened travelers. Cast adrift to the extremes of the earth and discover great white landscapes full of icy inlets and frozen coves. Experience the rush of setting foot on some of the world's most remote terrain and come to terms with the sheer size and scale of our planet's polar regions.

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Learn More About Intrepid Tours

Intrepid Travel is a world-renowned adventure travel company operating since 1989. The company was founded by two friends, Darrell Wade, and Geoff Manchester, who shared a passion for travel and adventure. Today, Intrepid Travel is based in Melbourne, Australia, and operates more than 1,000 tour itineraries worldwide. The company is dedicated to responsible travel and taking people off the beaten path and into every destination's real, authentic heart. Intrepid Travel is committed to providing travelers with unforgettable grassroots travel experiences that go beyond just seeing a place to living it. Each Intrepid itinerary has been carefully crafted to ensure travelers have an immersive, engaging adventure that connects them with local people and communities. The company offers a wide range of tour styles, including 18-to-29s trips, Adventure Cruising, Cycling, Family travels, Food tours, Retreats, Polar travel, Walking and Trekking, Active Adventures, and Lonely Planet Experiences. Intrepid Travel also offers trips for travelers who don't have much time to spare, such as Short Breaks, which are perfect for busy professionals. Intrepid Travel is a leader in ethical, sustainable small-group travel. With Intrepid Travel, you can expect an immersive, engaging adventure that takes you off the beaten path and into the real heart of every destination.

  • Intrepid Travel is an adventure travel company founded in 1989 by Darrell Wade and Geoff Manchester, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Intrepid Travel employs over 2,135 people, including independent contractors.
  • The company is the largest small-group adventure tour business in the world, with over 1,000 tour itineraries all over the world.
  • The company operates tours on seven continents, including polar expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctic, and Greenland.
  • Intrepid Travel features a large array of themed adventures, including 18-to-29s trips, Adventure Cruising, Cycling, Family travels, Food tours, Retreats, Polar travel, Walking and Trekking, Active Adventures, and Lonely Planet Experiences.
  • Most small group tours hosted by Intrepid Travel are made up of 10 to 12 travelers, on average.
  • Tours hosted by Intrepid Travel fall under the brands of Intrepid Travel, Adventure Tours Australia, Peregrine Adventures, and Urban Adventures.
  • The company focuses on responsible travel and is a signatory to the U.S. Global Compact.
  • Intrepid Travel became carbon-neutral in 2010 and was the first company of its kind to ban elephant rides.
  • The company has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability, gender equality, and community-based tourism.
  • Intrepid Travel's not-for-profit organization, The Intrepid Foundation, has worked with local organizations around the world to raise more than AUD $10 million for over 130 community organizations in destinations they visit.
  • Intrepid Travel has won numerous industry awards, including being recognized as the world's largest travel B Corporation and received the 2020 British Travel Award for Best Escorted Adventure Holiday Company.

Top Reasons To Choose Intrepid Tours

  • Unforgettable travel experiences:  Intrepid Travel offers a wide range of unique travel experiences, allowing travelers to explore destinations in a way that is off the beaten track and authentic.
  • Expertise and knowledge:  With over 30 years of experience, Intrepid Travel is an industry expert that knows how to deliver amazing travel experiences.
  • Wide range of destinations:  Intrepid Travel offers tours to over 120 countries worldwide, covering all continents, from Africa to Antarctica.
  • Small group travel:  Intrepid Travel's tours are designed for small groups, with an average size of 10-12 people, providing an intimate and personalized travel experience.
  • Themed Adventures:  Intrepid Travel offers a range of themed adventures to suit all interests, from food tours and cycling trips to active adventures and polar expeditions.
  • Local leaders:  Intrepid Travel's tours are led by local leaders who are passionate about their destinations and can provide travelers with insider knowledge and local perspectives.
  • Affordable pricing:  Intrepid Travel offers competitive pricing, with tours that cater to a range of budgets.
  • Accessible travel: Intrepid Travel offers tours that cater to a range of accessibility needs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their travel experiences.
  • Solo traveler-friendly: Intrepid Travel welcomes solo travelers and offers trips specifically designed for those traveling alone, with no single supplement fees.
  • Responsible travel: Intrepid Travel is dedicated to responsible travel practices that promote sustainability, ethical tourism, and supporting local communities.
  • Peace of mind: Intrepid Travel's commitment to safety and security, combined with its flexible booking policies and refund options, provides travelers with peace of mind when planning their trips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Intrepid Tours

  • What is included in the price of a trip with Intrepid Travel?

    The price of your Intrepid Travel trip will depend on the destination, trip duration, and level of comfort you choose. However, all of their trips include accommodation, transport, some meals, and a local tour leader. They also offer a range of optional activities that you can choose to do at an additional cost.

  • What sets Intrepid Travel apart from other tour companies?

    Intrepid Travel has been a leader in responsible, ethical small-group adventures since 1989. They actively work with communities and a range of local partners to support the development of new experiences in destinations that otherwise wouldn't see the benefits of tourism, offering travelers the opportunity to connect with the local people and make a positive impact. They also believe that it's their responsibility to help preserve the planet for the next generation of travelers and the communities they visit. From planting the first travel-powered forest in Kenya to funding a range of carbon-drawing seaweed regeneration programs, they are doing their part to address the current climate emergency.

  • What is the average group size on an Intrepid Travel trip?

    Most small group tours are made up of 10 to 12 travelers, on average. However, some tours may have larger groups depending on the destination and type of tour.

  • What is the accommodation like on an Intrepid Travel trip?

    The accommodation on an Intrepid Travel trip will vary depending on the destination and level of comfort you choose. They offer a range of accommodation options, from camping and basic homestays to comfortable hotels and lodges. Regardless of the type of accommodation, they always aim to stay in locally owned and operated accommodation that supports the local community.

  • What is the food like on an Intrepid Travel trip?

    The food on an Intrepid Travel trip will vary depending on the destination and type of tour. However, they always aim to provide authentic local cuisine that allows travelers to experience the local culture and cuisine. They also cater to dietary requirements, so you can let them know if you have any specific dietary needs.

  • Can I travel alone on an Intrepid Travel trip?

    Yes, you can travel alone on an Intrepid Travel trip. In fact, many of their travelers are solo travelers. Their trips are designed to be inclusive and welcoming, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make friends.

Health and Safety Protocols on Intrepid Tours

Protection against COVID-19 as well as other transmissible diseases requires enhanced protocols in hygiene and sanitation. We will put in place additional measures, in line with government health advice and with global health authorities (including the WHO and CDC) to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Hand Hygiene
Handwashing is one of the most important safety measures to prevent the spread of disease. Intrepid will actively reinforce its importance by:

  • Implementing a handwashing policy that dictates when, how often and for how long all staff, leaders and crew must wash their hands on-trip.
  • Promote the importance of hand hygiene to customers through signage and online customer material.
  • Contract suppliers that have hand hygiene protocols in place
  • Contract suppliers that provide hand sanitizer in public places (where applicable)
  • Educate staff, leaders, crew and suppliers on the importance of hand hygiene via training.

Respiratory Hygiene
Practicing good respiratory hygiene prevents the spread of disease by reducing the number of droplets in the air when you sneeze or cough. Intrepid will:

  • Actively reinforce its importance to customers through signage and online customer material.
  • Educate staff, leaders, crew and suppliers on the importance of respiratory hygiene via training.
  • Contract suppliers who have respiratory hygiene protocols in place.

In addition, in areas with high community transmission and/or places that are difficult to maintain physical distancing, we recommend the the following at-risk people also wear them. Intrepid follows the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) that masks should only be used as part of a comprehensive prevention strategy and that the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene must also form part of the strategy.

Medical/Surgical Masks
On our trips, regardless of destination, the following people must wear medical/surgical masks:

  • Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19 regardless of whether or not they have been tested yet.
  • People caring for people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases (outside of hospitals/clinics).

In addition, in areas with high community transmission and/or places that are difficult to maintain physical distancing, we recommend the following at-risk people also wear them.

  • People over 60
  • People with underlying health conditions
Intrepid will:
  • Provide medical/surgical masks as part of the First Aid Kits carried by leaders.
  • Educate leaders, crew, staff and customers on the correct method to wear, handle and dispose of a mask.
  • Require all customers, leaders and staff to comply with any local regulations or requirements that require the use of a mask in public or in certain places

Fabric Masks
Intrepid follows the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) that it is not necessary for the public to wear fabric masks generally.

However in certain circumstances, in places where community transmission of COVID-19 is high and/or physical distancing is not possible (e.g. on public transport, in shops or in other confined environments) then a fabric mask can be a useful barrier to prevent the spread of virus.

Fabric masks be purchased commercially or handmade and are generally not standardized like medical masks. Fabric masks should:

  • Cover the nose, mouth, and chin
  • Be secured with elastic loops or ties
  • Include multiple layers
  • Be washable and reusable.

Protection against COVID-19, as well as other transmissible diseases, requires enhanced sanitation processes. Intrepid will take the following measures:

  • Require all suppliers to detail their cleaning and sanitation protocols
  • Audit/monitor all suppliers on their cleanliness and sanitation.
  • All cleaning and disinfecting products must be approved by health authorities (e.g. WHO).
  • All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned between guests with all high touch surfaces in shared areas regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizer should be available in public areas.
  • There must be a process in place for customers to escalate any concerns regarding hygiene or sanitation.
  • Staff must be trained and able to answer questions regarding safety protocols in place.
  • All tents must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between use.
  • If staying at a campground, ensure all bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels. If the area is remote, with limited facilities and/or minimal staffing, then customers should be informed to bring their own hygiene equipment.
  • All mini buses, transfers, charters, overland trucks must be thoroughly cleaned between guests with all high touch surfaces in shared areas regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizer should be made available
  • Close top bins with bin liners should be available on board and disposed of at every stop
  • Must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day
  • Tables and chairs must be disinfected after each guest use
  • Avoid buffets where possible. If buffets are used, prevent customers from handling food and operating machines (e.g. self-serve coffee stations)
  • Either disinfect shared use objects (e.g. table salt) between guest use. Where possible, Intrepid will try to source safe alternatives to single serve packaging.
  • Staff must be trained and able to answer questions regarding safety protocols in place.
  • Preferred: Provide hand sanitizer to guests at the door before entry
  • All equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guest us
  • Staff must be trained and able to answer questions regarding safety protocols in place.
Contactless/low touch
  • Limiting the number of surfaces touched by large numbers of people helps prevent the spread of disease. Therefore, it is important to proactively move towards contactless or low touch solutions for travel. Intrepid will:
  • Prioritise contactless/low touch as a key feature when sourcing new tech or solutions.
Brand Material
  • Remove any paperwork required on the ground (e.g. signing forms, feedback cards)
  • If details must be entered using a shared device (e.g. insurance details), then it must be disinfected between each customer. Preference is to move entirely to digital solutions.
  • Accommodation should provide online check in (no paperwork)
  • Contactless keys (e.g. QR codes)
  • Contactless tech (e.g. lights)
  • Online ticketing for attractions and transport
  • Online payment

Physical Distancing
Physical distancing is important in preventing the spread of COVID-19 as it can be transmitted via droplets sprayed when coughing, sneezing, singing, yelling etc…
Intrepid will take the following measures:

  • Require all suppliers to detail their physical distancing protocols
  • Follow local regulations and advice on the need for physical distancing.
  • Intrepid operates product that is based on twin share accommodation and allows single travellers the chance to share accommodation with a stranger.
  • We will continue to offer this as an option. Single supplements are available for single travellers who do not wish to share a room. We will work closely with accommodation suppliers to ensure increased availability of single rooms.
  • Consider whether it is appropriate to offer single tents for solo travellers as customers will be much closer together than in a traditional room.
  • Consider whether staggering meal times may reduce the number of people sharing a dining tent.
  • Intrepid will consider the following factors when designing or amending transport options on trips.
  • Local laws or requirements regarding physical distancing on transport
  • Hygiene protocols of the transport provider
  • Level of active community transmission in the destination
Possible risks include:
  • Using designated seating on transport. Customers have assigned seats throughout the trip.
  • If trip is longer than 15 minutes and air conditioning is available, it must be set to external airflow rather than to recirculation or windows should be opened for the duration of the trip.
  • Designing or amending itineraries to reduce the duration of travel.
  • Increasing the size of the vehicle, using multiple vehicles.
In Public
  • Educate all leaders, crew, staff and customers to maintain a 1.5m distance wherever practical in public (e.g. queueing at a museum).
  • Proactively design product to avoid crowds by visiting attractions at off-peak times.
  • Proactively design product to avoid crowds on public transport or at airports where practical.
  • Follow local regulations on table spacing and guest seating in restaurants. Wherever possible, try to ensure groups are sitting at their own table without strangers in restaurants.
  • Proactively design product that focuses on experiences that assist with physical distancing (e.g. picnics over crowded marketplaces) if relevant for that destination.
Health Screening & Tracking
Screening for COVID-19 helps isolate anyone with COVID-19 symptoms and stops the spread of disease. It is likely to become more common for future travellers.

Pre-Departure (Brand Material)
Customers should be informed as part of ‘Essential Trip Information (ETIs) or other similar trip notes if their trip is likely to include any of the following:
  • Testing for COVID-19 before being able to pass through immigration and/or board planes.
  • Negative test results to be uploaded for visa purposes.
  • Thermal temperature checks in airports, train or bus stations, major hotels or attractions.
Pre-Departure (Customers)
Pre-departure, all customers are required to fill out an online questionnaire (“self- declaration/assessment” form) to identify any high-risk customers before travel.

Extra qualifiers will be included to address customers with symptoms that can be contributed to pre-existing conditions (e.g. breathlessness to asthma).

Customers answering YES to any question should be removed from the departure and appropriate arrangements made.

COVID-19 Testing
Intrepid will not require a negative COVID-19 test as proof of health from customers or leaders at this stage unless it is required by local law or regulations.

This is partially due to the lack of availability of testing for people with no symptoms in many parts of the world and may change in due course.

On Trip
  • Ask customers, leaders, crew and staff to monitor their own health
  • Display appropriate signage on COVID-19 symptoms
  • Educate leaders, crew and staff on how to identify COVID-19 symptoms
  • Describe COVID-19 symptoms in group meetings
Removal of customers, leaders, crew
If customers, leaders or crew show symptoms of COVID-19 and are either unable to or unwilling to be tested, Intrepid reserves the right to remove them from our trips to prevent any risk to others.

Flexible Booking Conditions
Customers will be supported by flexible booking conditions to stay home if unwell or displaying symptoms

Flexible Work Conditions
Intrepid will support leaders and crew to stay home rather than lead a trip if they are unwell or displaying symptoms. Schedules will need to be created with back up availability of leaders/crew.

Data Collection & Health Tracking
Intrepid will assist government health departments in tracking and tracing any customers, staff, leaders, crew or suppliers at risk of contracting COVID-19 via exposure to a known case and/or outbreak by providing relevant details in line with privacy laws and regulations.

COVID Tracking apps
Intrepid strongly recommends that customers and staff download COVID tracking apps (e.g. COVIDSafe in Australia, StayHomeSafe in Hong Kong) to assist in reducing the spread of disease within their communities.

Intrepid Tours Customer Reviews

Ratings based off 196 reviews about Intrepid Tours - currently showing 5 reviews with comments only

Intrepid is awesome. Our guide was superb. Everything went smoothly!


Our tour guide was wonderful. She was knowledgeable, fun, energetic, and made our week run very smoothly. The trip itself was fantastic! We saw a lot and the islands are absolutely beautiful. Great food, great new friends made on the tour, and would absolutely book with Intrepid again.


Intrepid tour is great company. Will use this company again.


The trip was both both educational and exciting. I very much enjoyed the sights and culture.


The itinerary was just as I expected! The guide was very good as were the accomodations

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