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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
The Inca Journey10G AdventuresEscortedLimaLima$2,124
11 Day Deluxe Peru11Gate1EscortedLimaLima$4,099
Machu Picchu Adventure08G AdventuresEscortedLimaLima$1,189
11 Day Deluxe Peru11Gate1EscortedLimaLima$3,499
Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Express06G AdventuresEscortedCuscoCusco$713
Lake Titicaca & Machu Picchu Independent Adventure08G AdventuresIndependentLimaCusco$1,679
Amazon Riverboat & Machu Picchu Adventure14G AdventuresEscortedLimaLima$3,399
Wellness Peru - Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley07G AdventuresEscortedCuscoCusco$1,359
Southern Cross Westbound - Rio to Lima - Lares Trek 202039G AdventuresEscortedRio de JaneiroLima$5,999
Southern Cross Westbound - Rio to Lima - Cusco Stay 202039G AdventuresEscortedRio de JaneiroLima$5,999
The Scenic Route - Lima to Buenos Aires30G AdventuresEscortedLimaBuenos Aires$5,849
Amazon to the Andes & Galápagos South & Central Islands - Lares Trek21G AdventuresEscortedLimaQuito$5,799
Salkantay Trek & Machu Picchu05G AdventuresGuided/HostedCuscoCusco$615
Amazon to the Andes & Galápagos South & Central Islands - Cusco Stay21G AdventuresEscortedLimaQuito$5,799
TailorMade Peru: Andes & Beyond - Lares Trek12G AdventuresIndependentLimaLima$3,319
TailorMade Peru: Andes & Beyond - Cusco Stay12G AdventuresIndependentLimaLima$3,319
Andean Discovery (Northbound) - Lares Trek21G AdventuresEscortedLa PazLima$2,319
Andean Discovery (Northbound) - Cusco Stay21G AdventuresEscortedLa PazLima$2,319
Backroads & Highlands of Peru - Lares Trek17G AdventuresEscortedLimaCusco$1,699
Backroads & Highlands of Peru - Cusco Stay17G AdventuresEscortedLimaCusco$1,699
Andean Discovery (Northbound) - Lares Trek 202021G AdventuresEscortedLa PazLima$2,294
Andean Discovery (Northbound) - Cusco Stay 202021G AdventuresEscortedLa PazLima$2,294
Peru Family Experience09G AdventuresEscortedLimaLima$2,099
Andean Discovery (Southbound) - Lares Trek21G AdventuresEscortedLimaLa Paz$2,319
Andean Discovery (Southbound) - Cusco Stay21G AdventuresEscortedLimaLa Paz$2,319
Andean Discovery (Southbound) - Lares Trek 202021G AdventuresEscortedLimaLa Paz$2,294
Andean Discovery (Southbound) - Cusco Stay 202021G AdventuresEscortedLimaLa Paz$2,294
Peru Family Journey: Machu Picchu to the Amazon10G AdventuresEscortedLimaLima$2,999
Galápagos Central Islands & Inca Discovery - Lares Trek14G AdventuresEscortedQuitoCusco$3,639
Galápagos Central Islands & Inca Discovery - Cusco Stay14G AdventuresEscortedQuitoCusco$3,639
Active Ecuador & Peru - Lares Trek16G AdventuresEscortedQuitoCusco$2,449
Active Ecuador & Peru - Cusco Stay16G AdventuresEscortedQuitoCusco$2,449
Quito to La Paz Adventure - Cusco Stay35G AdventuresEscortedQuitoLa Paz$2,799
Quito to La Paz Adventure - Lares Trek 202035G AdventuresEscortedQuitoLa Paz$3,499
Quito to La Paz Adventure - Cusco Stay 202035G AdventuresEscortedQuitoLa Paz$3,499
The Great South American Journey–Quito to Rio Adventure - Cusco Stay 202065G AdventuresEscortedQuitoRio de Janeiro$7,749
Inca Empire - Cusco Stay15G AdventuresEscortedLa PazLima$2,119
Amazon to the Andes - Lares Trek12G AdventuresEscortedLimaLima$2,263
Amazon to the Andes - Cusco Stay12G AdventuresEscortedLimaLima$2,263
Absolute Peru - Lares Trek21G AdventuresEscortedLimaLima$3,199

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