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Israel Tours
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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends From
08CosmosEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$1,399
09Gate1EscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$1,299
09TrafalgarEscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$2,595
13Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivAmman$4,750
13Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivAmman$4,395
15Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivAmman$4,945
09Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$2,975
09GlobusEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$2,427
19Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivIstanbul$5,915
21Insight VacationsTour & CruiseTel AvivCairo$7,275
09TrafalgarEscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$2,475
09Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$3,150
09Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$3,150
15Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivAmman$5,425
21Insight VacationsTour & CruiseTel AvivCairo$7,895
11Gate1EscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$1,649
14GlobusEscortedTel AvivDead Sea$3,851
09TrafalgarEscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$2,595
09Gate1EscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$1,149
11CosmosEscortedTel AvivAmman$2,189
09GlobusEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$2,442
14GlobusEscortedTel AvivDead Sea$3,686
09GlobusEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$2,299
09GlobusEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$2,340
14GlobusEscortedTel AvivAmman$3,717
08CosmosEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$1,459
14GlobusEscortedTel AvivDead Sea$3,540
09GlobusEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$2,747
14GlobusEscortedTel AvivDead Sea$4,455
11CosmosEscortedTel AvivAmman$2,048
08CosmosEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$1,328
11CosmosEscortedTel AvivAmman$2,168
11CosmosEscortedTel AvivAmman$2,259
11CosmosEscortedTel AvivAmman$2,259
08CosmosEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$1,408
08CosmosEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$1,519
14TauckEscortedTel AvivAmman$5,290
14TauckEscortedTel AvivAmman$5,790
14Gate1EscortedTel AvivAmman$2,499
09Gate1EscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$1,199

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Israel tours offer visitors an incredible journey into the past, and for many religious travelers a trip to Israel can deepen their faith. Tel Aviv, home to an international airport, is where Israel tours typically begin and end. From here it's a short drive to Jerusalem, the cradle of Christianity, Islam and Judaism and one of the most revered cities on earth.

In Jerusalem, spend time in Old City of Jerusalem and the Jewish Quarter, home of the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock. On a walking tour, you can see so many biblical sites, including the Rock of Agony, where Jesus wept over Jerusalem, the Stations of the Cross and Jesus' crucifixion site, where now the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is found. Two museums in Jerusalem are highly recommended: the Israel Museum with the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Holocaust Memorial at Yad Vashem.

A visit to the Dead Sea is the highlight of any Israel vacation. An inland lake, lying more than 1,000 feet below sea level, it has more minerals and salt than any other body of water in the world. Soak in the salty water, feel the unusual buoyancy and benefit from its rejuvenating properties. An interesting cultural opportunity on many Israel tours is a visit to a kibbutz, a collective community where people live, work and raise families communally.

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