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In 2003 Monograms was introduced as the Independent Travel division for Globus Family of Brands and has since become a leader in providing Independent Travel packaged vacations. Monograms does the endless hours of planning, organizing and scheduling so you can see the sights, experience new cultures and dance to new rhythms. From arranging the right hotels and efficient transportation to providing your own Local Hosts and included sightseeing, Monograms has thought of it all and included everything you need in an all-in-one package. It doesn't stop there; Monograms is also on the scene at your destination helping you make the most of your time, so you can officially stop planning and start going.

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    Globus Welcome Back Credit: A Better Program For Repeat Travelers

    Globus family of brands (GFOB) are leaders in the travel industry providing amazing vacations for their clients. When people travel with Globus, Cosmos, Monograms or Avalon Waterways, they can be certain that the quality and level of customer service will be top notch. Globus family of brands are always looking for ways to say thank…

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When you book a trip with us, whether it's halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you can rest assured that you'll benefit from our vast experience in the travel industry, our award-winning service, low prices, and client satisfaction.

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    NEW! Now Open for Sale! Monograms, a division of Globus Family of Brands, handles all the details to personalize your vacation so you can savor a pint in a real Irish pub or enjoy a cafe au lait in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or sing O Sole Mio as your gondola floats down a Venetian canal. In Europe visit one city, several cities or even multiple countries, with Monograms Independent vacations the choice is yours.

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    NEW! Now Open for Sale! On a Monograms exotic independent vacation journey to South and Central America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand or Africa to discover new cultures, ancient civilizations and breathtaking natural wonders. While on your journey enjoy the best of both worlds - independent exploring with assistance when you need it.

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Learn More About Monograms Tours

Monograms, which is a featured brand of the Globus network brand portfolio, is part of a venture that began in 1928. At that time, the founder operated a row boat to transport commercial products. Today, Monograms represents a travel company that covers travel to a variety of travel destinations in Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. The company offers various travel styles, including off-season travel, vacation package deals, and YourWay vacations where you can add your own travel touches. Monograms is not your standard guided tour, as trip-goers do not have to participate in organized meals and can add trips to their itineraries. They can also skip some of the planned travel options and set out and do some exploring on their own. People who are more independent like traveling with Monograms Tours, as it gives them more flexibility when planning a special vacation. This type of flexibility makes Monograms the preferred tour operator among people who are seeking more freedom when planning a holiday. Monograms also lessens travel stress by including airport and train transfers in its travel prices. When you arrive for your Monograms tour, a Monograms representative is waiting at the airport – ready to direct you to your driver who will whisk you to your reserved hotel in a central location. It is the goal of Monograms to make its tour experiences as seamless and free of anxiety as possible.

  • A member of the Globus portfolio of travel brands, Monograms is part of a travel organization that has been meeting the needs of travelers since 1928. 
  • Monograms features over 60 established tours across 6 continents. Therefore, travelers can select from all-inclusive travel packages to maximize their travel experience. These pre-set packages can also be personalized so extra nights can be added or additional cities can be included. For instance, a customer can book a trip that includes Venice and Rome in its itinerary, but also add attractions, such as Sorrento or Lake Maggiore, thereby providing more diverse travel experience in Italy.
  • Travelers like the flexibility that Monograms offers for planning a more customized travel itinerary.
  • Monograms is a blend of convenience and the freedom associated with independent travel.
  • Customers planning trips can either choose a pre-planned Monograms vacation package or build a "YourWay" Vacation. Therefore, many customers seeking this type of flexibility prefer to shop for tours with Monograms.
  • The Monograms travel program includes all the details you come to expect when working with a travel representative. These details include information regarding airport transfers and hotel stays. 
  • YourWay trips make it possible for travelers to schedule one sightseeing tour for each city. A Local Host is available at travelers' hotel to assist in booking extra trips, locating dining venues, and suggesting additional sights to see.
  • The trips feature my Monograms follow the regular structure of a tour, as they begin on certain dates and the airport or train transfers are managed for the customers. Hotels are pre-booked and city tours are included, if applicable.
  • Monograms tours provide more freedom for the traveler, as there is no dedicated tour guide leading a group. While travelers can choose from established travel packages and their hotel stays are reserved, they can elect how long to stay in each destination and may also select their hotels. Group meals or organized dining excursions are not part of the travel package.
  • Trip-goers can customize their travel itinerary by signing up for organized tours or they can forego the tours and just explore on their own.

Top Reasons To Choose Monograms Tours

  • Monograms allows you to enjoy hotel stays at central or convenient locations. Therefore, you are usually only a short stroll away from subway transport or a must-see attraction. 
  • Monograms travelers do not have to strictly follow their pre-set vacation package. They can also add excursions or free up some time for touring on their own. They can do this with the YourWay planning tool, designed exclusively for any Monograms traveler.
  • In each city a traveler visits with Monograms, the tour operator provides an introductory tour on the first morning. This type of tour allows guests to see some of the more popular sites and learn the history of popular attractions. People simply don't get this type of in-depth knowledge from reading a tour book or guide.
  • Monograms also provides local hosts in each city a traveler visits. Local hosts are not tour guides but provide information about a city. They usually wait in the hotel lobby to suggest what local attractions to see and to answer the questions of Monograms travelers.
  • Travelers can book optional tours that are escorted like the regular tour offerings. If you don't want to add the excursions, that is fine too, as Monograms Tours give trip-goers the flexibility to visit places on their own.
  • Monograms features its own app, which is called MonogramsGO. The app allows you to keep track of trip details, such as hotel names and addresses. It can also be used to get the names of restaurants and use a GPS navigator offline. You don't need a Wi-Fi signal to find your way around with this electronic locator.

Frequently Asked Questions About Monograms Tours

  • What phone number should I contact to book a trip or inquire about tours through Monograms?

    Please call AffordableTours.com at 1-800-935-2620 to learn more about booking a trip with Monograms Tours.

  • What does Monograms offer that other travel operators do not feature in their travel packages?

    Monograms gives guests a wide choice of destinations, from hand-selected options to choices that match their travel styles. People on vacation can enjoy more independence, as they can do what they wish, setting their own pace. All the leg work is done for the traveler so he or she can focus on their adventure. Therefore, when the planning is out of the way, trip-goers can concentrate on making their dream vacation a reality.

  • What hotels are chosen my Monograms and rated?

    Hotels carefully chosen by Monograms are not only lovely and convenient, they also are in close proximity to all the attractions travelers want to see. Hotels are pre-screened so travelers can choose the best of the best accommodations. Therefore, the choice of hotels depends on their location, services, and amenities. Guests can select the hotels that fit closely to their likes and preferences. While some travelers like trendier hotels, other tour customers prefer traditional lodgings.

  • Does Monograms reward customers for booking early?

    In some cases, yes. The best way to take advantage of discounts or hotel deals is to visit Monograms' "Deals" page to learn more about any special savings. Travelers can also sign up for special discounts or offers.

  • How Is Monograms different than other Globus brands?

    Monograms is designed for travelers who are independent-minded and do not want to spend too much time comparing trips. They just want to begin traveling, whether exploring a well-known European city or choosing to go off the beaten path to discover a place and its culture. The tour company allows travelers to follow a structured travel plan without being committed to an itinerary. Any traveler who prefers best-in-class amenities and services and personal hassle-tree journeys will like Monograms Tours.

  • When does Monograms announce new vacations?

    Vacations are announced periodically. If you want any information along these lines, it's a good idea to sign up for email alerts and follow the Monograms on Facebook.

  • Do I have the flexibility to see the attractions and cities I prefer to see?

    Yes. Travel packages featured by Monograms feature itineraries that include some half-day planned excursions or travel days with no scheduled activities. A lack of activities gives travelers more time to make up their own fun experiences. You can also include extra tours for a more personalized vacation.

  • How does a DIY vacation compare to a Monograms tour?

    Monograms is a better value travel choice than a DIY holiday. When you consider the costs of airport transfers, admissions to must-see attractions, the services of a local guide, and transportation around the city, Monograms can provide all these amenities at a cost far lower than a DIY trip.

  • Are Monograms vacations in the same format everywhere?

    Because Monograms Tours are planned to highlight the special characteristics of each destination, they will vary in feature, depending on the sightseeing that is added. On some tours, guest explore historical cities while, on others, they visit natural wonders. That is why you need to speak to a travel advisor about creating the ideal trip for you or for you and your family.

  • Who will assist me once I reach a travel destination?

    Monograms provides travelers with a Local Host, who can provide local insider information and offer their expertise about attractions and sites. They can answer traveler's questions, arrange city sightseeing, and organize excursions. They also give directions or may direct travelers to activiteis that meet their personal interests. 

  • Why Is Monograms Different?

    Monograms stands out in the travel field because it allows travelers to adjust their itineraries to suit their preferences, and does not follows an exact self-guided tour format. For anyone who wishes to reduce the stress of trip planning but also wants to have the ability to tweak their itineraries, Monograms can provide them with flexibility and the ultimate in tour support.

Health and Safety Protocols on Monograms Tours

Today's world has changed, but what remains certain is Monograms' commitment to guest safety, comfort and peace-of-mind while traveling with us. To that end, Monograms has established a worldwide Assurance program, with enhanced on-trip protocols and procedures, to ensure the health – and happiness – of guests throughout their travels with us.

It all starts with Monograms' Global Health & Safety Team, dedicated to ensuring that cleanliness of all operations exceeds today’s travel standards—from start to finish. The following areas address Monograms' commitment to providing a safe and clean environment for guests.


Monograms will enact new tour check-in procedures and pre-trip health screenings to offer guests a safe start to their journey, including adherence to social distancing requirements.


Monograms will ensure safe distances for guests throughout the journey, on coach and during excursions. This includes providing masks for guests use at any time where social proximity could be an issue as well as the possibility of reducing group sizes, if required. And wireless listening technology – including Monograms' Go Beyond Devices in Europe – enables safe distances between guests and other travelers on excursions.


To ensure a healthy environment for team and guests, Monograms will conduct regular temperature checks for both guests and team, and when necessary, masks will be worn by Monograms' team members when with guests.


Traveling with Monograms removes many of the “touch points” of travel, including luggage handling, check in/out, expedited entry into attractions and more. Monograms are further reducing risk with hands-free service, meaning all self-services replaced by staff, including buffet meals replaced with table service. Monograms will also ensure hand sanitizing is available throughout each trip, on coach and in hotels.


As a part of Monograms' commitment to clean, Monograms is requiring enhanced cleaning procedures with hotel partners, on motorcoaches, vehicles and throughout every trip, including additional daily disinfecting procedures that go above-and-beyond already strict health and safety procedures.


Monograms has strict health and safety protocols, which have been in place for years, focused on ensuring all aspects of operation- from vehicles and equipment used on trip to excursions and hotel procedures. This process will continue with new, elevated health and safety checks, to maintain their promise that each touch-point on tours and cruises are considered in their commitment to guest and team member well-being.

Monograms Tours Customer Reviews

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It was an amazing trip with fantastic local guides in every location.


Excellent services, reliable, informative, friendly


Our trip was wonderful. Everything that was offered was provided. The local hosts were great and professional.


The travel consultants are knowlegeable about tour details and do a great job matching customer needs with the right tour.


Monograms was just the right mix for us. City tours and transportation were great - but we enjoyed the flexibility of going out and seeing what we wanted to see at our own pace.

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