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Greek Isles Cruises May 2023

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Greek Isles Travel Guide

Imagine setting sail on waters as clear as the sky, anchoring beside islands steeped in history and mythology. That's what awaits you on a Greek Island cruise. Each island, from the enchanting blue-roofed houses of Santorini to the historical grandeur of Crete, tells its own ancient story. While the beaches offer a tranquil escape with golden sands and sapphire waters, the quaint villages deeply dive into the traditional Greek lifestyle. Aboard your cruise, you'll witness the seamless blend of historical and modern Greece as each day brings a new island to explore, each with its unique charms and treasures. With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your Greek Isles cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

Greek Isles Travel Guide

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Greek Isles Travel Guide

Greek Isles Cruises Highlights

  • Piraeus (Athens): Piraeus, the main port of Athens, is not just a transient spot but a destination teeming with its own historical treasures. While it's the access point for exploring Athens' famous landmarks like the Acropolis and the Parthenon, don't overlook the port's captivating maritime museum and the assortment of authentic eateries.
  • Mykonos: The quintessential Greek island experience awaits in Mykonos. Known for its iconic windmills and whitewashed buildings, this port is your entryway to sun-kissed beaches and a cosmopolitan nightlife scene. The narrow streets brim with chic boutiques, inviting tavernas, and bars that transform the town into a vibrant party come evening.
  • Santorini: Santorini's port, nestled at the base of towering cliffs, provides a dramatic first impression. A must-do is visiting the island's famous blue-domed churches or perhaps taking a donkey ride up the steep cliff to the town of Fira. The views, paired with the island's historical sites and unique black sand beaches, define enchantment.
  • Rhodes: Stepping into the port of Rhodes takes you back to medieval times. The perfectly preserved Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, invites exploration, with the Palace of the Grand Master and the Street of the Knights being notable highlights. Outside the city walls, beautiful beaches offer relaxation and water sports.
  • Corfu: Lush and culturally rich, the port of Corfu gives access to stunning beaches, Byzantine churches, and the grand Achilleion Palace. The Old Town, another UNESCO treasure, is a charming maze of Venetian-style buildings, enticing shops, and local restaurants serving traditional Greek delicacies.
  • Acropolis, Athens: Perched above the city, the Acropolis is a testament to Greece's ancient civilization. This UNESCO World Heritage site features the iconic Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, and offers a panoramic view of Athens below.
  • Oia, Santorini: Famous for its sunset views, Oia is a vision of white and blue-domed buildings. This picturesque village boasts charming shops, quaint cafes, and an opportunity to witness the most breathtaking sunsets
  • Mykonos Windmills: These iconic structures overlook the sea, offering fantastic photo opportunities. Once functional, the windmills are a reminder of the island's historical reliance on wind power.
  • Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes: Located within the Old Town, this medieval castle was built in the 14th century. It's a striking example of Gothic architecture, filled with mosaics, ornate furnishings, and historical exhibits.
  • Corfu Old Town: A UNESCO World Heritage site, Corfu's historic center is a blend of Byzantine, French, and Venetian influences. Explore its narrow streets, visit the old fortresses, and enjoy local Ionian cuisine.
  • Beaches of Crete: Crete, the largest Greek island, is home to some of Greece's most stunning beaches, including Elafonissi, with its pink sand, and Balos, a lagoon of crystal-clear waters.
  • Delos Archaeological Site: Near Mykonos, the uninhabited island of Delos is an archaeological paradise. Mythologically, the birthplace of Apollo, it's filled with ancient ruins, sanctuaries, and statues.
  • Navagio Beach, Zakynthos: One of the most photographed spots in Greece, this secluded cove is home to the rusting shipwreck of a smuggler's boat, with towering cliffs and pristine waters adding to its allure.

Greek Isles Cruises Travel Tips

  • Enjoy the mainland. While the islands of Greece offer some spectacular adventures, the mainland is also loaded with things to do and is often overlooked
  • Enjoy eating like a local by noticing which restaurants the locals are inhabiting. You will find the best food in these locations. Keep in mind, Greeks eat late, often around 10 pm
  • Punctuality in Greece is not something that is strived for as in other areas of the world. Enjoy the laid-back life and don't expect super snappy service in restaurants. Enjoy the delays and take it all in!
  • Much of the older generation in Greece is Orthodox and as such will frown upon nudity. We suggest also avoiding churches and monasteries in skimpy clothing.
  • As with all travel, make sure you keep your valuables close to you, especially on crowded transport 
  • Levels of English is good throughout the country, but the Greeks love it when you are able to throw in a word or two of Greek
  • While most locals in tourist areas speak English, peppering your requests with Greek words like "Yassas" for hello, "Parakaló" for please, and "Efharistó" for thank you will win your smile.
  •  Light clothing is suitable for the sunny, warm climate, and don't forget swimsuits, a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen with high SPF. Evenings can be breezy, so a lightweight jacket is wise, and comfortable walking shoes are a must for exploring archaeological sites if your itinerary includes visits to monasteries or churches; attire that covers knees and shoulders is respectful of local customs.
  • Essential gadgets include your camera and chargers, and a power bank might be a lifesaver, ensuring you can capture every beautiful moment.

Greek Isles Cruises Things To Do

  • The Acropolis in Athens
    The Acropolis in Athens

    Regardless of whether you are a history buff, someone who enjoys looking at ancient architecture, or are just looking to explore some of Ancient Greece, this place is an absolute must during your visit. The Acropolis is one of the most visited places in Greece, and as such, you should expect crowds. But regardless of the crowds, it will be completely worth it for the unbeatable views. Pictures do not do the structure justice, and when you marvel at the size of the Parthenon you will understand why!  

    You Should Know

    We also suggest purchasing an Athens city pass depending on how many days you will be in the city. The pass will offer you reduced tickets to this attraction as well as others and will get you into some completely free.
  • The Temple of Hephaestus
    The Temple of Hephaestus

    Located in the Thissio neighborhood of Athens, the Hephaestus Temple is said to be one of the most important structures in Greek history. Built by the same architect who designed the Parthenon the pretty columns and Pentelic and Parian marble decorations are what bring in the masses. This temple, as with all temples in Greece, was erected in the name of the Gods, and in this case, the God Hephaestus, who was the god of fire.  

    Best Time To Visit

    We suggest visiting this temple during the day so that you are able to take in a natural beauty that surrounds it. It is also easier to travel during the day. The crowds will still be numerous regardless of the time of year.   


    You Should Know

    Getting to the temple is simple enough if you take the metro to the Thissio neighborhood of Athens. From here it is just a 10-minute walk to the temple itself. While the entrance fee is 30 Euros, this cost will cover 5 days' worth of visits to multiple sites (similar to the Acropolis admission). There are a few restaurants in the area of the temple that you can stop at for a delicious lunch or dinner break.
  • Elafonisi Beach
    Elafonisi Beach

    Named one of the best beaches in the world, Elafonisi Beach is one that you need to see to believe. The beach has been named a nature reserve and is on the channel between the mainland and Elafonisi, an island famed for its unique pink sands and sand dunes. The water is clear and shallow and has a lagoon-like image. The sandbars make it possible to actually walk from the mainland to the island without even getting your feet wet!  

    Best Time To Visit

    We suggest visiting the area during the early morning before 10 am. The sunrises over the beach are breathtaking, and the first group of visitors does not usually arrive at the beaches until around 10 am. 
  • Rethymno Old Town
    Rethymno Old Town

    The third-largest city in Crete has quite possibly the best-preserved old town on the island. The city was originally built behind walls, with tight cobblestone alleys laid on in the 14th century when Crete was in the hands of the Republic of Venice. In the heart of the city is the Neratze Mosque, which was originally a Venetian Church, before it became a mosque for almost 300 years. It is now Rethymno's municipal Odeon and is the stage for many concerts and performances. You will find all kinds of unique architecture in this beautifully preserved city.   

    Best Time To Visit

    We would suggest visiting any time of the day. The city does not tend to get too crowded with people focuses more on tourist attractions. This little gem is something that needs to be seen but hasn't quite yet been recognized for its true beauty.   


    You Should Know

    Being in one of the oldest cities in Crete means plenty of older thinking inhabitants. In this city, you will want to ensure that you are being extremely respectful of their culture and standards. We suggest sensible clothing, and nothing too revealing. When entering any of the older churches we suggest quiet reflection and conservative clothing styles. There are also plenty of restaurants in this city where you can enjoy some incredible local delicacies.
  • Ancient Acropolis of Lindos
    Ancient Acropolis of Lindos

    Another Greek city, another Acropolis from the Ancient world. If you are looking to experience some rich Greek history then this is the place that you need to see. After settling into Lindos village follow the road that will lead you up a 116-meter high rock to see the Acropolis. Once there you can marvel at the ancient structures including walls, battlements, and a temple dedicated to Athena Lindia. You can immerse yourself in the monuments which truly makes you feel like you are experiencing every aspect of the Acropolis.   

    Best Time To Visit

    The acropolis does tend to get busy in the late mornings and afternoons, so we suggest visiting in the earlier morning hours before 11 am. Have a quick bite to eat in town and then head up to the acropolis for a few hours.   


    You Should Know

    There is a 12 Euro entrance fee to enter the acropolis but we assure you that the views and immersion more than makeup for the price. We also suggest wearing cooler clothing as the acropolis does not provide much in the way of shade. 
  • Kallithea Thermal Springs
    Kallithea Thermal Springs

    Located at the bay of Kallithea, only 9km from the city of Rhodes, it's an amazing place to spend a day to relax and enjoy everything that the area has to offer. Whether you're looking for amazing architecture, getting lost in nature and history, or some incredible food, you can check everything off your list here. The therapeutic properties of the thermal springs have been known since ancient times, although it was the Italians who built the area up around these springs. You will find massive lounge spaces, patios, and terraces that you can relax on.   

    You Should Know

    You will need to take a bus to and from the city. The bus ride is 2.40 Euros, and there will be a 3 Euro entrance fee when you arrive. However, this entrance fee also includes a deck chair, guaranteeing you a spot to sit and relax. 
  • Santo’s Winery
    Santo’s Winery

    If you are going to be on vacation then you might as well enjoy a few drinks while you're here, and we can't think of a better place than Santo's Winery in Santorini. At Santo's, you can try a wide variety of delicious Greek wines, along with plates of olives and other little bites to nibble. This would be the perfect way to spend a relaxing and lazy afternoon while waiting for your cruise to depart for its next port. You will get to enjoy a lovely view of Santorini while sipping those wines as well.   

    You Should Know

    Most Greek wines have an alcohol content of 15%-20%, which is a lot higher compared to most other wines, sitting around 10%-12%. While indulging on your wine make sure not to overdo it. Know your limit and drink within it. 
  • Alefkandra

    Also known as Little Venice, Alefkandra is near the western tip of the Old Harbour. When you arrive you will notice that the area of Alefkandra is made up of a web of little car-free alleys. The alleys are lined with dark marble paving stones and painted in the same white paint as the houses in the area. The reason it is known as Little Venice is because of how close everything is to the water. Often sitting less than a meter above sea level is a slew of restaurants the have tables lining the seaside for glorious views.   

    Best Time To Visit

    We suggest visiting this area at twilight. The sunsets on Mykonos are some of the most incredible sunsets you will ever see and watching that sun descend behind the windmills is truly breathtaking!  


    You Should Know

    Being right on the sea can mean that you may get a little wet. The sea breeze can be unpredictable, as can the waves. We suggest checking the weather in the area before making the choice to venture too close to the water unless you don't mind a little splash!

Greek Isles Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

Setting sail on a Greek Island cruise is like stepping into a postcard scene - endless blue waters, iconic white architecture, and historical sites that have shaped history. Here's your go-to list of not-to-miss attractions that capture the essence of the Greek Islands. Each spot holds its unique charm, telling tales of mythology, history, and the vibrant culture of Greece.

  • Getting There

    Getting to the heart of the Mediterranean is an adventure in itself, but thankfully, embarking on a Greek Island cruise is a breeze for travelers. Nestled in Southeast Europe, Greece is a star attraction of the Mediterranean, surrounded by azure seas and scattered with islands, each boasting its own personality.  

    Your gateway to this island-hopping journey typically begins in Athens, from the port of Piraeus, one of the largest and most bustling sea portals in Europe. Major cruise lines have made it easy, with routes from various international locations sailing directly into Piraeus. Once in the clutches of the Greek seas, your cruise will navigate through calm waters, docking at several iconic isles and providing you with unparalleled access to a mosaic of Greek culture, history, and natural beauty. Each arrival and departure from the ports of islands like Mykonos, Santorini, or Rhodes promises hassle-free travel paired with scenic beauty, a testament to the allure of Greek Island cruising.

  • The Perfect Time for a Greek Island Cruise

    Cruising to the Greek Islands is a dream vacation for many, and choosing the perfect time for your cruise can make all the difference. Greece's Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wetter winters, offers a range of options for cruisers looking for the ideal weather and experience.  

    Late Spring (April to June): Late spring cruising in the Greek Islands is an absolute delight. The weather is comfortably warm, typically ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for cruising around the islands and exploring onshore attractions. The islands are beautifully adorned with blooming flora during this period, and the tourist crowds are yet to reach their peak, allowing for a more tranquil and relaxed cruising experience.  

    Summer (July and August): Cruising during the summer months in the Greek Islands means you'll be greeted with brilliant sunshine and hot temperatures, often climbing into the 90s. This is the high tourist season, so the islands are buzzing with energy, ideal for cruisers who enjoy socializing and the vibrant nightlife. However, it's worth noting that this period sees higher prices and more crowded sites, which can impact the cruising experience.  

    Early Fall (September and October): Early fall cruising offers a wonderful balance with warm sea temperatures ideal for swimming and less crowded islands. The climate cools slightly, providing perfect conditions for cruisers who want to sightsee or hike the islands' scenic trails while enjoying the comfortable weather.  

    While winter cruising in the Greek Islands is less common due to the cooler and wetter conditions, it offers a unique perspective on the islands' authentic culture, away from the busy tourist season. Cruisers can enjoy the off-season charm of the islands and take advantage of lower prices, making winter an intriguing option for a Greek Island cruise.  

  • Why Book a Cruise to the Greek Islands?

    There's something incredibly enchanting about opting for a cruise to the Greek Islands, and it's not just the allure of the sea and skies. First, there's undeniable value for money. Imagine hopping from one glorious island to another, unpacking only once, and having your accommodations, travel, and meals sorted in one go. Cruises streamline your adventure, cutting down on the logistical hustle usually involved with visiting multiple destinations.  

    Now, consider the exclusive coastal views you're privy to from the ship - the kind of sweeping seascapes not accessible from the islands themselves. You're at the forefront of witnessing glorious sunsets and sunrises against the backdrop of the islands, all from a unique vantage point.  

    But there's more. Cruises often come with the perk of exclusive access. Whether it's private beach stopovers, exclusive island tours, or firsthand cultural performances, these experiences are crafted solely for cruise passengers.  

    And let's not forget the sheer convenience. Your itinerary is a diverse combination of exploration, relaxation, dining, and entertainment, all scheduled to perfection. There's a profound peace of mind in knowing that you can see the wonders of multiple Greek Islands, engage in a plethora of activities, and yet have time for leisure, all within a safe and comfortable environment. It's not just a trip; it's an experience curated for discovery and serenity, a true Greek odyssey.

  • Experience the Flavors of the Greek Islands

    Oh, the flavors of the Greek Islands! There's nothing quite like sitting in a cozy taverna, the sea breeze in your hair, indulging in the culinary wonders of this sun-kissed region. Greek cuisine is a triumph of taste, fresh ingredients, and cultural richness. You can't miss the classic moussaka, a delicious layering of eggplant, minced meat, and creamy béchamel sauce. Or the iconic Greek salad, known locally as 'horiatiki,' a refreshing mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and feta cheese.  

    Seafood lovers are in for a treat with dishes like grilled octopus or the islands' assorted fresh fish, best enjoyed at a seaside eatery. Don't forget the 'souvlaki,' a mouth-watering fast food staple. And for a sweet conclusion, 'baklava,' with its layers of filo pastry, nuts, and honey, is divine. Drinks? The anise-flavored 'ouzo' is a cultural must. Most importantly, the experience isn't just about what's on your plate; it's the warm hospitality that truly flavors every meal. When on the islands, venture beyond the tourist hotspots; find a local eatery, often family-run, where traditional recipes have been passed down generations. That's where culinary magic happens!

  • Immerse Yourself in Greek Island Culture

    Embarking on a Greek Island cruise is more than a scenic escape; it's a deep dive into a rich tapestry of culture that's as old as Western civilization itself. Each island threads its own unique stories, customs, and festivities into the grander cultural fabric of Greece.  

    The heart of Greek culture beats in its music and dance, found in abundance on the islands, especially during local festivals like "panigiria," where vibrant sounds, spirited moves, and joyous shouts fill the night air. These events, often honoring patron saints, are communal feasts of joy, so joining one is a must!  

    Artistry is everywhere, from the fine embroidery of traditional garments to the iconic blue and white architecture. You'll experience 'filoxenia,' an intrinsic Greek concept of hospitality, ensuring guests are treated with immense generosity.  

    And let's not forget Easter in Greece, a profound experience regardless of your religious background. The solemn rituals, followed by jubilant celebrations, complete with fireworks and feasts, encapsulate the Greek spirit of reverence, resilience, and unabashed joy. A cruise around these storied islands isn't just travel; it's immersion into a way of life that has colored the very waters surrounding them.

  • Ready to Book Your Greek Island Cruise?

    Are you in search of an unforgettable journey steeped in ancient history, radiant sunsets, and turquoise waters? Look no further than a cruise through the captivating Greek Islands. Here, every island presents a unique adventure, from the enchanting ruins and lively nightlife of Rhodes to the romantic cliffside sunsets of Santorini.  

    Imagine stepping off your luxurious cruise ship, ready to explore charming villages, world-famous historical sites, and pristine beaches. As you journey from one island to the next, you'll indulge in the divine flavors of Greek cuisine, engage with the heartwarming locals, and immerse yourself in the vibrant festivals that make Greece a celebration of life.  

    A Greek Island cruise combines ease and convenience with exploration and adventure, providing a travel experience unlike any other. So, why wait? Embrace the call of the Aegean and book your Greek Island cruise. Dive into the legends, swim in crystal-clear waters, and create your own epic story to tell. The islands are waiting for you!

Greek Isles Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Greece Cruise?

     A Greek Cruise is the most relaxing and cost-effective way to see as much of the wonderful country of Greece as you can within a certain time limit. While you could easily fly and travel around the city at your own cost, flights, hotel accommodations, and meals can add up quickly and can often make the entire experience much too expensive. By booking a Greek Cruise your lodging and meals are covered by the ship for a reasonable cost, and you have the chance to visit some of the most luxurious places that Greece is known for.

  • What is Included on a Greece Cruise?

    The Greek Cruise is considered an all-inclusive cruise, meaning that everything you could possibly need will be provided for you. Come on board with your clothes and some spending money and everything else is available on the ship. You will be provided with food and drinks while on the ship, but that doesn't mean you should explore some of the restaurants when we dock for the day. Also, some alcoholic beverages and most excursions are at an extra cost to the passengers, and as such are not included in the price. 

  • What is the Best Cruise to take to Greece?

    The best type of Greek Cruise truly depends on your preferences and sites that you wish to see. While we have named a few sites in Rhodes, Athens, Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini, not every cruise will hit every port. Make sure you look through our list of Greek Cruises to see which one will check off the most of your "must-see" list. If you require any assistance you can reach out to our team at any time!

  • How Much Does a Greece Cruise Cost?

    The cost of a Greek Cruise depends entirely on how many days you wish to be traveling for, and where you would like to visit. Some cruises start as low as $599 for a 7-day cruise and can go up to $5,999 for a 14-day cruise. While the prices may seem high, they are reasonable when you take into account that they are all-inclusive. Your meals and your lodging are all covered by this cost. 

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