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Paul Gauguin Cruises operates the award-winning luxury cruise ship the m/s Paul Gauguin, which provides an exceptional cruise experience tailored to the unparalleled wonders of Tahiti, the South Pacific, Fiji and the South Pacific. In September 2019, Paul Gauguin Cruises joined Ponant’s family, the world leader of small-ship cruising.

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  • Le Paul Gauguin

    Le Paul Gauguin

    The m/s Paul Gauguin was designed specifically to sail the shallow seas of Tahiti and French Polynesia, visiting small ports that larger ships can't reach and effortlessly blending into the stunning natural beauty of the South Seas. She offers an extension of the informal, relaxing environment of the islands, coupled with five-star service, comfort and luxury. The atmosphere aboard ship radiates warmth, informality, and Polynesian flair.

Learn More About Paul Gauguin Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises came into existence in the year 1998. This cruise ship company was founded as a part of an already successful cruise company of that time called Regent Seven Seas Cruise Company. In 2010 the company was taken over by Pacific Beachcomber and restructured with the name of Paul Gauguin Cruises, which is also the name of its only cruise liner. This company's cruise ship has also won many awards for providing an extraordinarily lavish service to its guests. This is the only ship company of this size in the world that has provided single destination-focused year-long luxury voyages for such a long period of time. The company has a lot to offer to its guests on its ship, including stateroom with balconies looking over at the ocean, cuisines prepared by an award winning chef and an outdoor pool on one of its seven decks.

  • Paul Gauguin Cruises is a cruise company that is named after the French artist Paul Gauguin who lived 10 years of his life in the region of French Polynesia just painting different things from people to the natural landscape of the region.
  • This cruise company is famous for being a tour operator that focuses mostly on taking voyages to the French Polynesia region. This region is the only French collectivity in the ocean right now. It has more than a 100 small islands that are full of natural beauty.
  • The company is not a very large cruise operator and has a very small fleet; in fact its fleet as of now has only got a single ship that makes this company a very exclusive cruise company. The only cruise liner owned by Paul Gauguin Cruise Lines is also named after the same French artist and also known as Paul Gauguin.
  • The destinations offered in itineraries by Paul Gauguin are very limited and the regions that are toured with this ship are mostly Tahiti, French Polynesia, and South Pacific.
  • The company offers a very luxury form of travel to its limited destinations. The cruise ship that is operated by Paul Gauguin Cruises is designed in such a way that it provides a sense of comfort and lavishness to anyone who is cruising in it.
  • The cruise ship Paul Gauguin was constructed in the year 1998 but was officially a part of Regent Seven Seas Cruises - former parent of Paul Gauguin Cruises - and it became a part of this company in 2010 when Pacific Beachcomber took over the company and named it as Paul Gauguin Cruises.
  • This ship is a small cruise ship with the length of just over 150 meters. The ship has a capacity of 332 passengers and 215 crew members, which is a very nice passenger to crew ratio of almost 2 crew members for every 3 passengers. This passenger to crew ratio validates the claim of this company's extraordinary luxury service on its ship.
  • The company also had a second ship its fleet called Tere Moana. This ship was in this company's service for a very brief period of four years from 2012 to 2016. This was also a decent ship with a length of 100 meters, for cruising in the ocean.
  • The company offers cruises all round the year with a lot of different packages. Some of the packages even include the airfare to and from the starting and end port, in the package price. A usual trip by Paul Gauguin Cruises is almost 8 to 10 days long.
  • The service provided on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship is rated 5+ stars. They have won many accolades for providing one of the best services on any cruise ship of that size.

Top Reasons To Choose Paul Gauguin Cruises

  • This cruise ship operator is a specialist of the South Pacific Ocean and has been targeted cruising in this region for more than two decades now. This has made this cruise ship operator an expert about the region. If you are planning to take a trip on this side of the planet then there may not be a better option for you, than Paul Gauguin Cruises.
  • The region of this company's destination is in itself is a big reason for you to plan your cruise with them because the South Pacific is considered as one of the last remaining natural paradises on Earth. The islands in this region are full of beautiful sandy beaches, green tropical hills and some of the richest cultural heritage on the planet. The islands in this region are not very saturated as of yet and taking this cruise to these islands will give you an experience of both taking a lavish cruise as well as exploring an unseen gem in the ocean.
  • The itineraries by Paul Gauguin Cruises mostly offer all-inclusive packages that will take you to your destinations without making you pay for each and every step of your journey. They have extensive knowledge of their destinations and this has made them design itineraries that have most of the onshore and offshore facilities included in a single package price.
  • The compact size of Paul Gauguin Cruises' ship also gives it a great advantage in a way that it can accommodate only a number of people and you don't feel like you are overcrowded with thousands of people when you are cruising in the ocean. This helps in developing an atmosphere on the ship in which you can easily familiarize yourself with other people.
  • Paul Gauguin Cruises is not just any cruise company with a single ship that visits a few places every year but it is a unique concept of providing a luxury cruise experience that is reserved only for a few hundreds of people who have a different taste than many other travelers.
  • This company has won a lot of awards with its fleet of one ship only. This has made a lot of other cruise ship companies consider it a major competitor in that region. The awards that this company has named for itself include #1 Midsize-Ship Cruise Line, Best for Service, Best Small-Ship Cruise, and Gold List of The World's Best Cruises.
  • They offer a lot of special sales by which you can save up a lot on your cruise packages. Some of the packages during the sale season may even cost you half of its regular price. The packages also include different facilities like round airfares.
  • When cruising with Paul Gauguin Cruises you get a chance to visit two of this company's private retreats. First is the islet of Motu Mahana, where there are a number of activities available for the guests like barbecue and water sports while the second is Bora Bora which is the best place to relax and enjoy the beautiful white-sand beaches and have a game of volleyball on that beach.
  • Paul Gauguin Cruises is a family friendly cruise line. You can take a great family vacation with this cruise company. They offer a range of services and activities for their guests who are accompanied by young kids. This cruise line is not one of those cruises where you have to be really concerned about your children because they have places on their ships where your kids can hang out and you can be assured that they will be safe.
  • There are a number of diving opportunities available on the ships for Ocean Cruises' guests. They can take small boats to surround regions and take a dive in the deep sea and admire the captivating views of marine life that they may have never seen before.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paul Gauguin Cruises

  • What kind of trips can I take with you?

    There are not too many ways of going on a trip with Paul Gauguin Cruises except for its number of cruises that visit the South Pacific Ocean and small islands around it. This cruise company gives an exclusive way of traveling to these private beaches to its travelers, which is why they only focus on these uniform kinds of trips.

  • How much would a tour cost?

    The cost of traveling with this cruise company can be a bit more expensive than other cruise companies because with Paul Gauguin you get a chance to visit places that you cannot do with any other cruise. They are also a high-end luxury cruise company, which is why their prices are a little bit higher than other cruises. They mostly go on shorter trips and that is why the package price of these cruises does not have much variation in the costs. But the prices may vary with the facilities that you choose to avail or the type of stateroom that you may choose for your stay.

    The cost of a standard package of Paul Gauguin Cruises on an average maybe around $6500 per person. Their prices are all inclusive, which means that most of the things on ship and onshore will be included in that prices and this is one of the reasons why their packages are costlier than other cruises.  

  • Can I take my family with the guide and not be stuck with other people?

    You can customize your own on-shore excursions with Paul Gauguin cruises and if you want a separate tour guide for your family than you can definitely make that happen by customizing a separate excursion for you and your family and include a private tour guide to it.

  • Can I tell the agent what I want out of the trip?

    Yes, you can certainly talk to the people over at Paul Gauguin and they will be very kind and helpful to you. Contacting the agent will also ensure that you are actually serious about taking this cruise and a lot of people who take regular cruises, follow this practice of discussing the itinerary with the agent before booking a cruise.

  • Do they have the support that can help me regardless of what time?

    They are a company that gives great importance to customer service and have different call centers for different regions so that their potential customers can reach out to them with ease no matter where ever they are. Their operational hours are from Monday to Friday as of now but you can also drop them an email if you want to contact them after these hours.

  • What do the guides do for you?

    The tour guides of this company are very qualified and have experience of living in the local atmosphere of your destinations and providing tour related guidance to many visitors. They will guide you about the islands that you are visiting and about the language, culture and cuisine of the people who live there so that when you leave that place you can have a fair idea about the life of the places that you just visited.

  • Do they have specialists that are working in each place?

    Their team consists of very talented and well-trained crew member who specialize in their areas and have served in the industry for a very long time. Paul Gauguin always helps their employees to become the best in their fields.

  • What type of way can you travel when you are traveling through Paul Gauguin Cruises?

    Taking an ocean cruise with Paul Gauguin Cruises is the primary way of traveling with this company. You can also charter the cruise with them if you want to organize a special event on the ship. They also have seasonal and themed cruise packages offered every now and then which you can have if you want to try something different.

  • Who customizes the itinerary or things you are going to do ahead of time?

    Their itineraries are very basic because of the limited destinations that they visit and they have a lot of experience in traveling to those specific destinations. Their itineraries are customized almost every year by their team of experts.

  • Where do you stay while you are at the destinations?

    They have some really good options available for you to stay on the islands which may include some pretty nice hotels. This cruise company offers a luxury cruise experience and their cruise service and accommodation is rated 5+ stars by many cruise rating companies and you can easily trust them that the options that they provide for your accommodation are going to be decent ones.

  • Is there a single supplement that can be used for travelers who are solo?

    They have double occupancy staterooms which is why like almost all other cruises Paul Gauguin cruises also charges a single supplement fee for solo travelers. There are some deals every year when the single supplement is reduced a little bit. Keep an eye for such deals, if your next trip with this cruise is going to be a solo one.

  • On average, what is the group size like?

    The group size varies a lot with each excursion and some excursions can have a lot larger groups than the other which is totally dependent on the number of travelers per one available tour guide.

Minimum Age Policy on Paul Gauguin Cruises

Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. PGC is unable to accommodate children under one year of age and reserves the right to restrict the number of those under three years of age.

Travel Protection Options on Paul Gauguin Cruises

PGC wants to ensure that your PGC vacation is not only exceptional, but also worry-free. That's why PGC makes the Guest Protection Program ProgramPro available to our Guests. It is the easy and affordable way to protect your vacation investment should you need to cancel your trip and to protect yourself against unexpected occurrences and expenses while travelling. It allows you peace of mind while you travel with PGC. Complete details on terms and conditions are fully presented in the Description of Coverage insert included with PGC invoices.

Dining on Paul Gauguin Cruises

Oceania Cruises sails to more than 180 ports in Europe, China and the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Featuring three intimate and elegant mid-sized ships, Regatta, Insignia and Nautica, the line will introduce two new mid-size Oceania-Class ships to its award-winning fleet by 2011.

Oceania Cruises, with headquarters in Miami, Florida, is owned by Prestige Cruise Holdings, a subsidiary of Apollo Management L.P. Savvy and sophisticated readers of Travel+Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler regularly rank Oceania Cruises as one of the world's finest cruise lines. These prestigious awards reaffirm the line's unique brand positioning and leadership within the hospitality industry and place the line above the leading premium cruise lines and in the esteemed company of the world's most respected luxury brands.

On an Oceania Cruise, you will enjoy the flexibility of four open seating restaurants; you dine when, where and with whom you choose. Tuxedos and gowns are never a requirement for dining so you can dress and enjoy the evening comfortably. Each cruise ship holds less than 700 guests, so with a staff of 400 on board, you are sure to enjoy highly personalized service. There's a sense of warmth and intimacy throughout, so the ambiance resembles that of a private country club-casual, yet elegant.

Nowhere else is the French art de vivre - the art of living - more evident than in the sensory pleasures of Paul Gauguin's moveable feasts. Of course, at every meal select wines are generously poured, compliments of the house. All part of the legendary tasting and temptings that you'll encounter aboard the ship. Ask any former guest of Paul Gauguin . This is the finest food served in the South Seas.

Enjoy fine French cuisine with a Polynesian accent amid the classic furnishings and fluted shell lighting reminiscent of one of the refined dining establishments in Paris. Here delectable cuisine is artfully presented and guests receive the most diligent attention.

Le Grill
Greet the sun with a buffet breakfast at Le Grill. Or enjoy lunch by the pool on a choice of grilled favorites, salads and fresh tropical fruits. At night Le Grill is transformed into a cozy indoor/outdoor restaurant serving grilled specialties in a more casual atmosphere. Dinner reservations are required at Le Grill.

La Veranda
La Veranda's floor to ceiling windows, indoor and al fresco seating, and refined atmosphere make it the perfect place to enjoy breakfast and lunch.

In both reality and the popular imagination no other country has approached France in terms of elevating its cuisine to a high art form. At dinner, La Veranda is transformed into an elegant French Bistro offering the finest in French cuisine, wine selections and ambiance. The Paul Gauguin chefs have created a menu for La Veranda not merely to explore the culinary highways and byways of France but to provide an extraordinary dining experience that captures the very essence of the country.

Dinner reservations are required in La Veranda.

Fuel Surcharge Policy on Paul Gauguin Cruises

Ship fuel surcharges are estimated by PGC at the time of sale based on taxes and fuel surcharges levied by fuel/oil prices in the world at that time. The amount herein may vary.

Tipping Policy on Paul Gauguin Cruises

Gratuities are included in your Paul Gauguin cruise fare. If guests feel strongly about expressing their gratitude to the crew, they should be encouraged to make a donation to the Crew Welfare Fund at the Purser Office. This money is utilized for crew parties and events.

Payments / Refunds on on Paul Gauguin Cruises

Deposit and Payment
A deposit of 20% of the passage fare is required within 72 hours of reservation to confirm a booking. Final payment must be received ninety (90) days prior to departure of the vessel or scheduled air tour departure when included. Final payment must be received within 48 hours for bookings made within 30 days of departure. Payments cannot be transferred to alternative bookings within 120 days of sailing.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellation requests received within 120 days of sailing will be subject to the following charges:

Date of RequestCharges
Deposited reservation cancelled more than 120 days prior to initial vacation date Administrative Fee of $100 per person
120-91 days prior to initial vacation date 10% of fare per person
90-61 days prior to initial vacation date 20% of fare per person
60-31 days prior to initial vacation date 50% of fare per person
30-0 days prior to initial vacation date or non-appearance at the time of sailing 100% of fare per person

Smoking Policy on Paul Gauguin Cruises

Although smoking is prohibited in all suites, staterooms and private balconies, there are multiple areas on each vessel where smoking is permitted.

Paul Gauguin Cruises Customer Reviews

Ratings based off 13 reviews about Paul Gauguin Cruises - currently showing 5 reviews with comments only

Totally amazing cruise! Although pricey it was worth it. Were treated like royalty the whole time. Everything was very organized and staff was extremely helpful. Plenty of activities to do aboard the ship and in port. Food was fantastic. Highly recommend!


Thanks, Boris, the cruise was everything we hoped for.


Wonderful experience cruising on the Paul Gauguin. Want to go back to Tahiti!


Our cruise on the Paul Gauguin was absolutely EXCEPTIONAL! Outstanding in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY! Everything about it was A+++! This was our 4th cruise on the Paul Gauguin and we are already discussing our 5th! Our family of 7 was THRILLED with every aspect!

Reviewed on Dec 03, 2011

The cruise was fantastic -- thanks so much!!!

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