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Mediterranean Cruises 2024/2025

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Mediterranean Travel Guide

Imagine taking a journey where every stop unveils a piece of the world's oldest stories. That's exactly what you sign up for with a Mediterranean cruise. The region is a tapestry of rich histories, and each port carries its own ancient secrets and modern delights. From the pristine beaches with their azure waters to cities brimming with monumental arts, culinary wonders, and architectural marvels, there's no end to what you can discover.

The Mediterranean isn't just a destination; it's a mosaic of vibrant cultures, stunning vistas, and tales as old as time. This cruise offers more than a holiday; it's your ticket to walking through history and soaking up the diverse lifestyles found in this enchanting part of the world. Ready for the voyage of a lifetime? With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your Mediterranean cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

Mediterranean Travel Guide


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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
75 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC DivinaBahamasMiamiCivitavecchia22 NightsBarcelona, Spain | Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy | Freeport,Bahamas | King s Wharf (Hamilton), Bermuda | Lisbon (Cascais), Portugal | Miami, Florida | Nassau,Bahamas | New York City (Brooklyn), New York | Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal$1,719
Up To $200 Onboard Credit
35 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC FantasiaEuropeMarseilleMarseille7 NightsCivitavecchia (Rome), Italy | Genoa (Portofino), Italy | Livorno (Florence), Italy | Marseille (Provence), France | Tarragona, Spain | Valencia, Spain$799
Up To $100 Onboard Credit
47 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Up To $350 Onboard Credit
7 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC SinfoniaEuropeAthens (Piraeus)Athens (Piraeus)7 NightsBrindisi (Lecce), Italy | Mykonos, Greece | Piraeus (Athens), Greece | Split, Croatia | Venice - Marghera, Italy$919
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!

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12 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC OrchestraEuropePalma De MallorcaMalaga9 NightsCannes (Cte d Azur), France | Genoa (Portofino), Italy | Malaga (Granada), Spain | Marseille (Provence), France | Olbia, Italy | Palma de Mallorca (Baleari Is.), Spain | Valencia, Spain$1,399
Up To $200 Onboard Credit
12 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC OrchestraEuropePalma De MallorcaGenoa3 NightsGenoa (Portofino), Italy | Palma de Mallorca (Baleari Is.), Spain | Valencia, Spain$469
Up To $50 Onboard Credit
1 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Costa SmeraldaEuropeCivitavecchiaCivitavecchia7 NightsBarcelona, Spain | Cagliari, Italy | Civitavecchia, Italy | Genoa, Italy | Marseille, France | Naples, Italy$812
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImageCosta ToscanaEuropePalermoPalermo7 NightsBarcelona, Spain | Civitavecchia, Italy | Marseille, France | Palermo, Italy | Palma De Mallorca, Spain | Savona, Italy$812
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
121 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Norwegian EpicGreek IslesCivitavecchiaCivitavecchia10 NightsAthens (Piraeus), Greece | Cannes, France | Civitavecchia, Italy | Corfu, Greece | Livorno, Italy | Messina, Italy | Naples, Italy | Santorini, Greece | Valletta, Malta$699
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom Up To ($300)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom Up To ($300)
6 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC World EuropaEuropeBarcelonaBarcelona7 NightsBarcelona, Spain | Genoa (Portofino), Italy | Marseille (Provence), France | Messina (Taormina), Italy | Naples (Pompeii), Italy | Valletta, Malta$939
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
11 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
WindstarWind SpiritMediterraneanLisbonBarcelona9 NightsBarcelona | Cartagena | Lisbon | Málaga | Palma de Mallorca | Tangier | Tarragona | Valencia$3,699
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
14 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC LiricaMediterraneanAnconaAncona7 NightsAncona (Urbino), Italy | Kotor, Montenegro | Mykonos, Greece | Santorini, Greece | Venice, Italy$1,799
Up To $200 Onboard Credit
145 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Holland AmericaOosterdamMediterraneanBarcelonaAthens (Piraeus)11 NightsAthens (Piraeus), Greece | Barcelona, Spain | Civitavecchia, Italy | Kusadasi, Turkey | Livorno, Italy | Naples, Italy | Rhodes, Greece | Souda Bay, Greece | Taormina, Italy | Valletta, Malta | Villefranche-sur-Mer, France$3,144
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
8 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Star ClippersStar FlyerMediterraneanLisbonRome15 NightsBonifacio, Corsica, France | Civitavecchia (Port for Rome), Italy | Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory | Ibiza - Balearic Islands, Spain | Lisbon, Portugal | Mahon, Menora - Balearic Islands, Spain | Malaga, Spain | Motril, Spain | Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca - Balearic Islands, Spain | Portimão, Portugal | Puerto Banus (Marbella), Spain | Tangier, Morocco$3,470
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
8 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Star ClippersStar FlyerMediterraneanLisbonMalaga7 NightsGibraltar, British Overseas Territory | Lisbon, Portugal | Malaga, Spain | Motril, Spain | Portimão, Portugal | Puerto Banus (Marbella), Spain | Tangier, Morocco$1,930
Up To $250 Onboard Credit
20 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC ArmoniaEuropeVeniceVenice3 NightsKoper, Slovenia | Venice, Italy | Zadar, Croatia$449
Up To $50 Onboard Credit
8 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Costa FortunaEuropeBarcelonaBarcelona14 NightsAthens (Piraeus), Greece | Barcelona, Spain | Catania, Sicily | Civitavecchia, Italy | Istanbul, Turkey | Izmir, Turkey | La Goulette Tunis, Tunisia | Marseille, France | Savona, Italy$1,526
Up To $300 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
3 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC GrandiosaEuropeBarcelonaBarcelona4 NightsBarcelona, Spain | Livorno (Florence), Italy | Marseille (Provence), France$419
Up To $75 Onboard Credit
35 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC FantasiaEuropeTarragonaTarragona7 NightsCivitavecchia (Rome), Italy | Genoa (Portofino), Italy | Livorno (Florence), Italy | Marseille (Provence), France | Tarragona, Spain | Valencia, Spain$1,179
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
12 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC OrchestraEuropeValenciaAlicante12 NightsAlicante, Spain | Cadiz (Seville), Spain | Cannes (Cte d Azur), France | Genoa (Portofino), Italy | Lisbon (Cascais), Portugal | Malaga (Granada), Spain | Marseille (Provence), France | Olbia, Italy | Valencia, Spain$2,069
Up To $250 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!

Mediterranean Travel Guide

Mediterranean Cruises Highlights

  • Barcelona, Spain: Step off the ship, and Gaudí's city envelops you with its art and architecture, notably the Sagrada Família. The vibrant street life, beachside joys, and culinary delights offer a well-rounded experience.
  • Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy: While the port is a city worth exploring, it's the gateway to Rome, where ancient history, religious landmarks, and world-renowned art await. The Colosseum, Vatican City, and the Trevi Fountain are just a train ride away.
  • Piraeus (Athens), Greece: Serving as the entrance to Athens, this port beckons you towards the cradle of Western civilization. Stand atop the Acropolis, walk through history at the Agora, or savor authentic Greek cuisine in the Plaka district.
  • Marseille, France: France's oldest city mixes historic architecture with contemporary charm. Visit the iconic Notre Dame de la Garde and then explore the Calanques, a series of striking limestone inlets, for a nature escape.
  • Istanbul, Turkey: Straddling two continents, this city is a cultural melting pot. The majestic Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are a testament to its rich history, while its bazaars invite haggling for unique souvenirs.
  • The Colosseum (Rome, Italy): Witness the grandeur of ancient Roman engineering. This iconic amphitheater, once the stage of gladiator contests, is filled with the energy of the empire at its peak.
  • Sagrada Família (Barcelona, Spain): Gaudí's masterpiece, although unfinished, stands as a testament to innovation in architecture. Its spires reach toward the sky, embodying a fusion of Gothic influences and organic forms.
  • Santorini, Greece: No picture does justice to the stark white buildings and blue-domed churches that cascade down the volcanic cliffs. Experience unforgettable sunsets and savor the unique wines produced from its volcanic earth.
  • Ephesus (Kusadasi, Turkey): Roam the streets of one of the most complete, still-standing Roman cities. The Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre are monuments to the sophistication of a bygone civilization.
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia: Known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic," this stunning city's ancient walls, baroque buildings, and sparkling sea backdrop famously set scenes in "Game of Thrones."
  • The Alhambra (Granada, Spain): This fortress-palace complex showcases the refined artistry of Moorish culture with its intricate carvings, serene patios, and lush Generalife gardens.
  • Pompeii, Italy: Frozen in time by Mount Vesuvius's eruption, this preserved city offers a haunting but fascinating journey back into the daily life of ancient Rome.

Mediterranean Cruises Travel Tips

  • It is recommended to book hotel and other hot spot visits at home online, so you're ready with your tickets when you arrive.
  • Eat like the locals eat and try some of the delicious local foods while you are there. 
  • The beaches are going to be backed with tourists and residents alike during the summer months, so plan on this. 
  • Visit during the wine touring months to enjoy some of the local wines made right from the area. 
  • Do not over schedule yourself because this can be exhausting, and you want to enjoy your time at each port. 
  • Considering checking to see which currencies each place is using and exchanging yours for some of theirs. This way, you're prepared to purchase items at markets.
  • Choose the cruise line that stops in the places you want to visit. 
  • Familiarize yourself with what there is to do off the ship prior to going. You can plan ahead and know what to do and where to go. 
  •  A simple "Hello" or "Thank You" in the local language can open doors. Whether it's "Hola" in Barcelona, "Ciao" in Rome, or "Merhaba" in Istanbul, these small words carry a lot of weight. Also, while credit cards are widely accepted, carrying some cash (Euros, generally) is wise for smaller purchases or off-the-beaten-path spots.
  • Packing for the Mediterranean cruise is all about balance. Comfortable walking shoes are a must for those cobblestone streets. The weather can be mixed —sunny days with a chance of cool evenings—so versatile layers are key. Throw in a mix of casual wear and smart casual outfits for on-board dining. Don't forget your swimwear for those beach stops and pool days!
  • Respecting local customs means dressing modestly while visiting religious sites, so having a shawl or a lightweight long-sleeved top on hand is smart.
  • Remember your sun defense: a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. With these tips in your back pocket and the right stuff in your suitcase, you're all set for an unforgettable Mediterranean voyage!

Mediterranean Cruises Things To Do

  • Acropolis

    This is a historic site of ancient ruins that invites you inside to take a look at how the past structured itself. It is also one of the more affordable sites to see during your visit. You can find that much of the ruins still stand to this day.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Anytime is the best time to visit this site. Some like when the sunshine is out, and it is not too hot. It is recommended to go during one of the seasons when tourists may not flock the area so much.  


    You Should Know

    This tour will take under an hour to complete, so you do not need much time. Bring a camera and comfortable shoes to walk in.
  • The Colosseum
    The Colosseum

    It is arguably one of the best-preserved monuments that you can find in all of Rome. Made from marble, this huge structure was built to hold over 50,000 people. The fighters in the middle would fight each other or beasts in a bloody battle.   

    Best Time To Visit

    This is one of the more crowded sites to visit. It is recommended to go during the fall or spring months when the tourists are not crowding around. The summer tends to be one of the worst for tourists. If you do go during a heightened tourist time, go during the early hours to skip traffic.   


    You Should Know

    This tour can take more than three hours to get through, so be prepared and set aside enough time. Tickets are around $20 to get in. You can go with or without a tour guide.
  • Piazza Navona
    Piazza Navona

    This is one of the most beautiful squares to visit in all of Rome. Built back in the Baroque period, you can see the architecture, visit the buildings, see the statues, and take in the beauty of the history in this area. Many stores, cafes, and other businesses use these buildings to this day.   

    Best Time To Visit

    The square is open at all hours and doesn't shut down. If you want to visit during the twilight hours, the lights in the square turn on and it can be quite magical. Going during warmer months is also recommended, as it is more enjoyable to many tourists.   


    You Should Know

    It is mostly for walking through, but there are shops and museums you can stop in while you are there. The fountains bring a lot of people to the square because they have a magical appeal. This is a cost-effective part of the trip because you don't have to spend anything to enjoy it.
  • Trastevere

    This is a neighborhood that is busy, lively, and provides everyone the look and feel of a traditional town. If you want to be a part of this exciting area, then it invites you to come and explore the shops, little homes, and people that are a part of it.  

    Best Time To Visit

    This area tends to be a bit crowded at all times, but when you visit, you may want to come when it is not raining, and it is warmer. This way, you can enjoy walking from place to place. The night hours are also beautiful.   


    You Should Know

    It can take up to two hours to walk through all of the shops and look at the area. There are many bars located along this strip. There is a botanical garden in this part of the neighborhood.
  • Domus Aurea
    Domus Aurea

    Built back in 64AD, this ancient ruin area is one that is a big point of interest for those who are visiting. If you love learning about the past, you can come and see a garden, man-made lake, and series of pavilions built for the people living in the area in the past.  

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to visit is during the early morning hours before other tourists arrive, and during the cooler months. This provides you with a way to enjoy the weather and the scenery.  


    You Should Know

    This is a working archaeological site, so you will see people working within the area. It is only opened up for tours on the weekends. The money from your ticket goes towards the efforts of these professionals on the project.
  • Gothic Quarter
    Gothic Quarter

    This is the historical portion of Barcelona and one that has been standing for hundreds of years. The architecture of the street tells a story. It is a sight that everyone visiting must-see at least once during their visit.   

    Best Time To Visit

    When the weather is nice, and it is not raining. It can be cool or warm, there is no preferred temperature, as it is beautiful either way.  


    You Should Know

    It will take you a good two to three hours to walk down the street and see everything. Churches, parks, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and more line these historical streets.
  • Villa Borghese
    Villa Borghese

    This is one of the most famous villas in Rome. It was constructed at the beginning of the 17th century. It is a breathtaking view from the villa and is surrounded by one of the largest public parks in all of Rome.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit when the sun is out, and the weather is warmer because this is a park. Expect there to be others enjoying the weather and scenery there, as well.   


    You Should Know

    This is a scenic attraction, expect to spend up to three hours or more here. Bring a lunch and a blanket to enjoy the weather and area.
  • Herod Atticus Odeon
    Herod Atticus Odeon

    This is a second-century theater that was built directly into the hillside to provide a better seating area for the audience. There is a full stage and even some of the props and items that were used in the past for the plays.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Visiting during the warmer months is ideal. You can walk through the area, take a look at everything, and ensure that you enjoy the time there since it is all outdoors.  


    You Should Know

    You can actually watch plays that are still put on in this ancient theater.
  • Ancient Agora of Athens
    Ancient Agora of Athens

    Once a site of a marketplace for the people in the past, the buildings and stalls are still standing to this day. It was one of the biggest centers for those around the world, and those living in the area. Take a tour or enjoy walking through the ruins yourself.   

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to visit is when it is comfortable outside, the sun is out, and it is not raining. Most of the site is outdoors, though there is a building you can go into.   


    You Should Know

    This site should take you under an hour to get through, though you are welcome to stay longer if you wish. You can purchase advance tickets for around $10.
  • Museo Nazionale Romano
    Museo Nazionale Romano

    Built between 1883 and 1887 by Camillo Pistrucci. Everything was built in a neo-Renaissance style that stands out from the others. Acquired by the Italian State in 1981, this became a point of interest and historical building that was preserved since.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Visitors are welcome at any point. If it is raining, this is a great point of interest to visit, as it is all inside the building.   


    You Should Know

    It takes around two hours to take a look at everything and walk through the museum. There are many items on display throughout the building that were found all over Italy.

Mediterranean Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

Taking a Mediterranean cruise is like stepping into the pages of history and the vibrant strokes of a captivating painting. Beyond the comfort of your cruise ship lies a region brimming with landmarks, each echoing the tales of civilizations past and the whisper of modern allure. While the port is a city worth exploring, it's the gateway to Rome, where ancient history, religious landmarks, and world-renowned art await. The Colosseum, Vatican City, and the Trevi Fountain are just a train ride away.

  • Getting There

    The Mediterranean region is a vast sea bordered by several countries in Southern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, making it a crossroads of various cultures.  

    Most cruises set sail from major coastal cities like Barcelona, Rome, or Athens, which are well-connected to the world through their international airports. From there, getting to your designated cruise port is a breeze, with accessible transfers like shuttles, taxis, or public transport. Once aboard, your ship navigates through the tranquil blue waters, docking at a variety of ports that introduce you to a new chapter of the region's endless story. Your journey across the sea connects the dots between the past and the present in a truly seamless way.

  • The Perfect Time for a Mediterranean Cruise

    Cruising the Mediterranean is an experience that blends stunning landscapes, rich history, and diverse cultures. Let's explore the best times to set sail on this remarkable journey, as the Mediterranean climate offers varied experiences throughout the year.

    Embarking on a summer cruise, from June through August, in the Mediterranean means basking in endless sunshine, perfect for lounging on the cruise deck or diving into the crystal-clear waters. However, cruising in the summer also brings bustling ports, as it's peak tourist season in this sun-drenched region. To enjoy a more tranquil cruising experience, late spring (April to June) or early fall (September to October) are ideal. Cruising during these months offers warm, comfortable weather, just right for strolling through coastal towns or exploring ancient ruins without the summer crowds.

    Winter cruising, from November through March, in the Mediterranean offers a different charm. Cooler weather, fewer tourists, and lower cruise rates make it an appealing option for those who enjoy a more serene journey. Cruising in winter allows you to experience the region's winter charm and festive atmosphere, with less congestion at popular sites.

    So, when is the best moment to embark on your Mediterranean cruise? It really depends on your cruising preferences. Whether you're seeking vibrant summer activities, a peaceful springtime exploration, or a quiet winter voyage, the Mediterranean's allure remains constant throughout the year. Cruising in this region guarantees a rewarding adventure, with each season presenting its unique attractions and events. Whether soaking up the summer sun with fellow cruisers or enjoying the off-season's tranquility, your Mediterranean cruise promises to be an unforgettable journey.  

  • Why Book a Cruise to the Mediterranean?

    Have you ever wondered what makes a Mediterranean cruise stand out? Well, it's not just one thing but a whole treasure chest of experiences that make it unbeatable. First off, you get a bang for your buck. One ticket covers accommodation, transportation, and a world-class culinary experience, all while hopping from one exotic port to another.  

    Imagine this: waking up to the sight of the sun rising over Santorini's cliffs or the historic skyline of Barcelona, each day a new view. You're not just traveling; you're collecting a mosaic of cultural experiences without the hassle of constant repacking or the stress of catching flights.  

    Plus, cruise-exclusive excursions? They can be a golden ticket to hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path experiences inaccessible to other travelers. And the ease of it all! Language barriers, local transportation, itinerary planning? It's all taken care of. Your job is just to soak in the splendor.

  • Experience the Flavors of the Mediterranean

    One of the delights of a Mediterranean cruise is undoubtedly the food. Each port of call introduces a new array of authentic flavors, traditional dishes, and unique ingredients that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of this region.  

    Imagine starting your day with a French croissant in Cannes, grabbing a slice of authentic Neapolitan pizza for lunch, and diving into a plate of fresh Greek meze by dinner. The Mediterranean diet is renowned worldwide, celebrated for both its flavors and health benefits, focusing on olive oil, fresh fruits, veggies, and a variety of seafood.  

    Don't miss the paella in Spain, a colorful blend of saffron-infused rice and local seafood. When in Italy, indulge in gelato or a plate of pasta al pomodoro. And absolutely try the baklava in Greece or Turkey, where the combination of nuts, syrup, and flaky pastry is perfect.  

    Wherever your taste buds lead you, be sure to dine at local, family-run establishments whenever possible. They often serve the most authentic and mouth-watering meals, turning dinner into an unforgettable cultural experience.

  • Immerse Yourself in Mediterranean Culture

    If there's one thing that defines the Mediterranean beyond its scenic beauty, it's the rich cultural tapestry that stretches across its shores. Each port brings a unique slice of life, celebrated through vibrant customs and festivals that have stood the test of time.  

    Imagine the colorful streets during Spain's famous 'La Tomatina' or the sophisticated Cannes Film Festival, where the stars align along the French Riviera. Over in Greece, the authentic tradition comes alive during the 'Panigiri,' a local festival often honoring patron saints with feasting and dancing.  

    Every nook of the Mediterranean invites you to become more than a tourist as you engage with local customs, often centuries old. Witness flamenco dancers' passionate storytelling in Spain, or partake in Italy's lively 'passeggiata' — a social evening stroll.  

    Your cruise isn't just a trip; it's a gateway into the soul of the regions you visit. Embrace the Mediterranean's spirit, and you'll carry stories and experiences that linger far beyond your journey home.

  • Ready to Book Your Mediterranean Cruise?

    Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? The Mediterranean isn't just a destination; it's the perfect mix of breathtaking landscapes, historical treasures, and vibrant cultures waiting to be explored. Each port is a gateway to new experiences, offering everything from the sun-soaked beaches of the Greek Isles to the culinary delights of coastal Spain. Cruising the Mediterranean is more than a holiday; it's your chance to immerse yourself in a region rich with centuries-old history and traditions. Don't wait any longer! Dive into the adventure, savor the unexpected, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your Mediterranean cruise today and set sail towards an unforgettable journey!

Mediterranean Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Cruise to the Mediterranean?

    A cruise to the Mediterranean is a cruise that takes you to a number of places on a cruise line. They usually stop in Italy, Greece, France, Croatia, and sometimes some other points of interest. You can spend time doing excursions, using the amenities in the area, and have an all-inclusive vacation.

  • What Comes with a Mediterranean Cruise?

    Food, the stay in your room, drinks, and certain activities and amenities are included in the cruise. The excursions and alcohol are usually extra, but everything else is usually included with the cruise.

  • How Much Does a Mediterranean Cruise Cost?

    A Mediterranean cruise costs anywhere from $500 to $1,300 depending on the extras, placement of the room, the length of the cruise, and anything else you may need. You can customize your trip to the price and specifics you want while on vacation. 

  • What is the Best Cruise to Take to the Mediterranean?

    There are a number of cruise lines offering cruises to the Mediterranean. Which one you choose to go with depends on what you want out of your vacation and where you want to go. Some of the more popular and highly recommended cruise lines include the Adriatic Odyssey, Southern Cyclades, Andalusia, and Antiquity.

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