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Los Angeles (Long Beach) Cruises August 2023

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Los Angeles (Long Beach) Travel Guide

Long Beach, California, is a beautiful coastal city filled with beaches, buzzing neighborhoods, and some of the best places to eat. Plus, Long Beach is located only a short one-hour drive from Los Angeles. If you're lucky enough to be taking a cruise from one of Long Beach's ports, be sure to take advantage of your location and explore the city a little before setting sail! With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your Los Angeles (Long Beach) cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

Los Angeles (Long Beach) Travel Guide


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Los Angeles (Long Beach) Travel Guide

Los Angeles (Long Beach) Cruises Highlights

  • Bike through El Dorado East Regional Park.
  • Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.
  • Take a short trip to the beautiful Santa Catalina Island.
  • Relax at the scenic Belmont Shore Beach.
  • Walk along the Rainbow Harbor Esplanade for fantastic city views.
  • Explore the canals of the Naples neighborhood.
  • Visit the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden.
  • Have fun at Knott's Berry Farm.
  • Check out the Shoreline Village.
  • Shop at the Long Beach Antique Market.
  • See beautiful ocean views from Bluff Park.
  • Grab a bite to eat at L'Opera Ristorante.

Los Angeles (Long Beach) Cruises Travel Tips

  • If you want to use public transportation, hop on the Passport Shuttle! It gives visitors free rides between a lot of the top attractions throughout Long Beach's downtown area. Another fun way to get around the city is by biking.
  • Compared to most more prominent cities, Long Beach has quite a casual atmosphere. Don't be afraid to dress comfortably; you'll fit right in!
  • Though the city itself is beautiful, make sure you take the time to explore some of the cultural sites and museums throughout Long Beach. Don't be afraid to leave city life and exploring for a second!
  • For the best food, you'll want to visit Downtown Long Beach. This area is home to the most eclectic cuisine, and you'll be sure to find something grand to eat. Be sure to try the seafood!
  • Visit some of the water attractions on Long Beach to get a full experience. Some of these include the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Los Angeles (Long Beach) Cruises Things To Do

  • Take a trip to Santa Catalina Island
    Take a trip to Santa Catalina Island

    Santa Catalina Island is a beautiful place to visit, located only a short boat ride from Long Beach. It's right off of southwest Los Angeles and is filled with great spots to swim, dive, hike, and explore! It truly is a bit of a paradise if you want to escape from the city for a bit. If you want to take a tour on Santa Catalina Island, consider going on a hummer adventure or hiking tour. If tours aren't your thing, check out Moonstone Beach, the Trans Catalina Trail, and the Catalina Island Museum.

    You Should Know

    The easiest way to get to Santa Catalina Island is to hop on the Catalina Express ferry from Long Beach. This takes about 45 minutes, and they depart approximately every 3 hours or so. The ferry runs more often on the weekends.  
  • Explore the Naples neighborhood
    Explore the Naples neighborhood

    Naples is a gorgeous hidden gem of a neighborhood located in Long Beach. It's filled with three different islands that are separated by beautiful canals, almost like Venice. All of the streets in this area are named after places in Italy. This neighborhood even has its own piazza! Naples neighborhood's must-see places include Mother's Beach, Overlook Park, and the Naples Canal. This area is truly picturesque, so you'll want to make sure you bring your camera. For an even better experience, try to visit at night for sunset.

    You Should Know

    The Naples neighborhood is very walkable, so make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes.  
  • Relax at Belmont Shore Beach
    Relax at Belmont Shore Beach

    Belmont Shore is a fun neighborhood located in Long Beach. It's one of the city's more trendy areas, filled with restaurants, shops, bars, and more. Of course, the most popular place to visit here is Belmont Shore Beach. This breathtaking beach is the perfect place to relax or explore. There are also quite a few walking trails around this area, giving you great views of the surrounding area. If you want to be active, there is also a huge volleyball court.

    You Should Know

    If you're traveling with your dog, there are unfortunately no dogs allowed on the beach here. For a great view, check out the Belmont Veteran's Memorial Pier.  
  • Bike through El Dorado East Regional Park
    Bike through El Dorado East Regional Park

    The El Dorado East Regional Park is a beautiful area filled with spots to go fishing, biking, camping, and more. There's even an archery range! Of course, despite all of these fun things to do, biking is the most popular. There are over 4 miles of bike trails throughout the park. They're perfect for all skill levels, so even if you're not the best biker, you can partake in fun. Since you most likely won't have a bike with you, you can rent one in the area for the day for an affordable price.

    You Should Know

    The park is only open for a certain amount of hours each day and gets quite busy. Arrive earlier in the morning to avoid the crowds.  
  • Check out Shoreline Village
    Check out Shoreline Village

    Shoreline Village is a fun area in Long Beach filled with beautiful restaurants, shops, and more, right along the city's waterfront! This is one of the most popular places to visit in Long Beach because of how much there is to do here. If you're not a fan of shopping, you'll want to partake in some of the other fun activities! There's a carousel, a place to rent bikes, spots for photo taking, and you can even go parasailing. You're sure to have a fun time visiting Shoreline Village before your Long Beach cruise!

    Best Time To Visit

    Shoreline Village is most busy during lunch and dinner time. Visit during these hours to have the best time!  
  • Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific
    Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific

    The Aquarium of the Pacific is a massive aquarium covering 5 acres of land. It's located on Long Beach's Rainbow Harbor. It opened in mid-1998 and is home to over 500 different species of animals and more than 11,000 animals. There are many different fun exhibits inside the aquarium. Some of these include the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, the Lorikeet Forest, the Shark Lagoon, and the Harbor Terrace. There's also a rehabilitation center called the Molina Animal Care Center, where you can see animals.

    You Should Know

    Parking is available for $8, but you can also take public transportation here instead. To save time, you can purchase your tickets online ahead of time.  
  • Visit the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
    Visit the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

    The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden covers 1.3 acres of land. It's located right on the California State University Long Beach campus in the city. The garden first started in 1981 and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Long Beach. One of the best ways to explore the garden is by walking around without a plan. If you wish to learn more about the park and what's inside it, then be sure to check out the visitor center or pick up information about doing a self-guided tour of the garden.

    You Should Know

    There are many lectures and workshops held at the garden. Check their online calendar to see if one will be hosted during your visit!  
  • Walk along Rainbow Harbor Esplanade
    Walk along Rainbow Harbor Esplanade

    The Rainbow Harbor Esplanade is a beautiful area next to Rainbow Harbour. It's a paved walkway that's great for walking or biking. The walkway was built in 1999 and has been a popular area for both tourists and locals alike. Along the walkway, there are breathtaking views of the ocean. There are also many brightly colored bridges along the walkway that you won't want to miss walking across. If you get hungry while walking, be sure to stop by one of the 50+ different vendors near the area as well. 

    You Should Know

    It can get a bit breezy near the harbor, so make sure you pack layers just if it's a bit cooler.  
  • Shop at the Long Beach Antique Market
    Shop at the Long Beach Antique Market

    The Long Beach Antique Market is a popular outdoor shopping event filled with just under 1000 different vendors! You can buy almost anything you could imagine here, from souvenirs to clothing, to even antiques and some collectibles. There is free parking offered at the market, but it is first-come, first-serve. There's also a small fee that you must pay to get in. Keep in mind that the flea market can get bustling, so try to visit earlier in the day or at your earliest convenience to beat the crowds.

    You Should Know

    This flea market is held once every month, usually right in the middle of the month. Check their online calendar to see if one will be held during your visit to Long Beach while waiting for your cruise!  
  • Have fun at Knott’s Berry Farm
    Have fun at Knott’s Berry Farm

    Knott's Berry Farm is a popular theme park near Long Beach covering 57 acres of land. It's one of the most popular theme parks in the whole country and North America. It's the perfect place to go no matter your age because you're bound to have a smile on your face here! Some of the most popular rides here include the Timber Mountain Log Ride, the Calico River Rapids, and the Supreme Scream. The park is divided up into different sub-themed sections. Make sure you grab a map when you enter to make the most of your time!

    You Should Know

    Knott's Berry Farm got its name because it actually started as a small berry farm and later became the theme park that it is today.  

Los Angeles (Long Beach) Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

Like most coastal cities, there truly is no best time to visit Long Beach! It's beautiful year-round, so no matter when your cruise sets sail from Long Beach, you will be happy with the weather. However, there are certain times of the year to visit if you wish to avoid the crowds and higher accommodation prices.

  • Spring and Fall - October to November and March to April - Shoulder Season

    The shoulder season is usually said to be the best time to visit a place because prices are affordable, the weather is good, and it's never really as busy as the summer months. During the spring season, the temperature averages 71°F while the fall averages 76°F. Prices are affordable during this time, and crowds aren't overbearing.

  • Summer - May to September - High Season

    The summer is the most popular time to visit Long Beach. The temperature is quite warm and ranges typically in the 80's. Because so many people visit during this time, accommodation prices are at their highest. Theme parks are incredibly busy during this time and will have long wait lines for rides and attractions.

  • Winter - December to February - Low Season

    The least amount of people visit during the winter months, even though the weather is still gorgeous! The temperature during this time averages 67°F, and the sun is still shining. The winter is a great time to witness and experience Long Beach. Prices during this time are relatively low for accommodation.

Los Angeles (Long Beach) Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Long Beach cruises?

    If you want to experience adventure but want to have all of your destinations planned out for you, then a Long Beach cruise is perfect for you. This way of traveling is great for those who love relaxing but still want to have experiences. You can sit back and enjoy the ocean views on travel days and hop off the ship and experience new cultures every time the boat stops at a port!     No matter your age, you're bound to have a great time on a Long Beach cruise. Just make sure you bring your layers and pack your sunscreen depending on the port stops on your cruise!

  • What’s included on a Long Beach cruise?

    Each Long Beach cruise includes different amenities. You'll find that most cruises include accommodation, stops at various ports, and amenities in your room like a television, hairdryer, and more. Each boat also has restaurants, staterooms, and fun places to explore on board, such as casinos, shopping areas, and pools. Every cruise also has its own fitness center and multiple services. Some services include movie theaters, libraries, spas, and clubs. Most cruises also have their own salons.

  • What’s the best Long Beach cruise?

    No Long Beach cruise is better than another because every single one is so different. Each one has various stops, different lengths, and other prices. These are all things to consider when you book your cruise. Make sure you do your research and end up at your dream destination!   Of course, since there are so many different cruises, you may run into some trouble trying to choose the perfect cruise for yourself. If you find that you're struggling, be sure to call one of our cruise ship experts.

  • How much do Long Beach cruises cost?

    All Long Beach cruises vary in price. Some cost as little as $64 a day, while others cost upwards of $150. It truly depends on the cruise ship line and the length of the cruise. However, don't let the price scare you! By booking your Long Beach cruise through Affordable Tours, we can guarantee that you can save up to 75% off your cruise.

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