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Europe - Northern Cruises June 2025

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Europe - Northern Travel Guide

Setting out on a Northern Europe cruise is akin to diving into a riveting book with stories in every port. Your voyage unfolds amidst a pristine natural scene, where the tranquil beaches of the Baltic nations whisper tales of ancient mariners. The region is a robust blend of the old and the new, where medieval town squares nestle amidst modern cities flourishing with art, culture, and innovation. As your cruise liner gently plies the serene waters, you'll be stepping ashore onto lands steeped in historical significance, from the Viking legacies in Norway to the Tsarist echoes in St. Petersburg. The cultural attractions are as varied as they are enriching, with museums, theaters, and galleries waiting to regale you with tales from a bygone era yet still resonating in today's vibrant ethos. The allure of Northern Europe cruises lies not just in the exploration of its historical richness but in the promise of new experiences - be it a tranquil day at a serene beach, a stroll through bustling local markets, or a night at the opera. Each port of call is a new chapter, awaiting to add colorful strokes to your travel tale as you navigate Northern Europe's rich landscape. With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your Europe - Northern cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

Europe - Northern Travel Guide


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Norwegian PrimaEuropeSouthamptonReykjavik11 NightsAkureyri, Iceland | Alesund, Norway | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Bergen, Norway | Geiranger, Norway | Isafjordur, Iceland | Reykjavik, Iceland | Southampton London, Great Britain | Zeebrugge Brussels Brugge, Belgium$2,199
Up To $400 Onboard Credit
8 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Viking NeptuneEurope - NorthernReykjavikBergen14 NightsBergen, Norway | Geiranger, Norway | Honningsvag, Norway | Lofoten (leknes), Norway | Longyearbyen | Reykjavik, Iceland | Tromso, Norway$7,099 
3 reviews
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Up To $350 Onboard Credit
Welcome Reception
Exclusive Amenity
Distinctive Host
*Distinctive Voyage
47 reviews
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Chef's Table
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Holland AmericaNieuw StatendamEuropeRotterdamRotterdam14 NightsBelfast, Northern Ireland | Cork, Ireland | Dover, England | Dun Laoghaire (dublin), Ireland | Greenock, Scotland | Isle of Man | Kirkwall, Scotland | Lerwick, Scotland | Rotterdam, Netherlands | South Queensferry, Scotland | Stornoway, United Kingdom$2,159
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
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56 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Holland AmericaNieuw StatendamArcticRotterdamRotterdam28 NightsBelfast, Northern Ireland | Cork, Ireland | Dover, England | Dun Laoghaire (dublin), Ireland | Greenock, Scotland | Honningsvag, Norway | Isle of Man | Ivergordon, Great Britain | Kirkwall, Scotland | Leknes, Norway | Lerwick, Scotland | Nordfjordeid, Norway | Rotterdam, Netherlands | South Queensferry, Scotland | Stornoway, United Kingdom | Tromso, Norway | Trondheim, Norway$4,369
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
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Itinerary Map/Ship ImageMSC EuribiaEuropeCopenhagenCopenhagen7 NightsAlesund, Norway | Copenhagen, Denmark | Flaam, Norway | Geiranger, Norway | Hellesylt, Norway | Kiel, Germany$1,039
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
43 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC PoesiaEuropeWarnemundeWarnemunde7 NightsCopenhagen, Denmark | Eidfjord, Norway | Kristiansand, Norway | Oslo, Norway | Stavanger (Lysefijord), Norway | Warnemunde (Berlin), Germany$1,049
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImageViking VelaEuropeBergenReykjavik12 NightsAkureyri, Iceland | Alesund, Norway | Bergen, Norway | Flam, Norway | Geiranger, Norway | Isafjordur, Iceland | Reykjavik, Iceland | Seydisfjordur, Iceland | Torshavn$5,999
13 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Viking SaturnEuropeBergenGreenwich14 NightsBelfast, England | Bergen, Norway | Dover, England | Dublin (dun Laoghaire), Ireland | Edinburgh (newhaven Harbour), England | Holyhead, England | Liverpool, England | London (greenwich), England | Orkney Islands (kirkwall), England | Shetland Islands (lerwick), England | The Highlands (invergordon), England | The Highlands (ullapool), England$9,099
5 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
WindstarStar LegendEurope - NorthernDun LaoghaireLeith8 NightsDun Laoghaire (Dublin) | Edinburgh | Invergordon | Isle of Man | Kirkwall | Portree | Portrush | Tobermory$4,599
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
5 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
WindstarStar LegendEuropeDun LaoghaireCopenhagen18 NightsAalborg, Denmark | Bergen | Copenhagen | Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) | Edinburgh | Flam | Geiranger | Geirangerfjord | Invergordon | Isle of Man | Kirkwall | Kristiansand | Olden | Portree | Portrush | Stavanger | Tobermory$11,299
Up To $1000 Onboard Credit
107 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Viking SkyEurope - NorthernReykjavikNew York (Manhattan)14 NightsAkureyri, Iceland | Djupivogur, Iceland | Halifax, Canada | Heimaey, Iceland | Nanortalik, Greenland | New York City | Qaqortoq, Greenland | Reykjavik, Iceland | Seydisfjordur, Iceland$8,799
184 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
PrincessEmerald PrincessEurope - NorthernSouthamptonSouthampton14 NightsAkureyri, Iceland | Alesund, Norway | Grundarfjordur, Iceland | Isafjord, Iceland | Olden, Norway | Reykjavik, Iceland | Sognefjord, Norway | Southampton, England | Stavanger, Norway$1,668
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($85)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($85)
37 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
OceaniaSirenaEuropeDublinCopenhagen11 NightsAlesund | Belfast | Copenhagen | Dublin | Haugesund | Helsingborg | Lerwick (shetland Islands) | Nordfjordeid | Oslo | Trondheim | Ullapool
From: $11,398
You Save: $7,199
Up To $425 Onboard Credit
37 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
OceaniaSirenaEuropeDublinStockholm23 NightsAlesund | Belfast | Berlin (warnemunde) | Copenhagen | Dublin | Haugesund | Helsingborg | Karlskrona | Kemi | Lerwick (shetland Islands) | Lulea | Mariehamn | Nordfjordeid | Oslo | Stockholm | Trondheim | Ullapool | Vaasa | Visby
From: $18,798
You Save: $10,899
Up To $850 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
37 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
OceaniaSirenaEurope - NorthernDublinKiel35 NightsAlesund | Belfast | Berlin (warnemunde) | Copenhagen | Dublin | Gdansk | Haugesund | Helsingborg | Helsinki | Karlskrona | Kemi | Kiel | Kotka | Lerwick (shetland Islands) | Lulea | Mariehamn | Nordfjordeid | Oslo | Riga | Ronne (bornholm) | Stockholm | Szczecin | Tallinn | Trondheim | Ullapool | Vaasa | Visby
From: $25,598
You Save: $14,299
Up To $1250 Onboard Credit
9 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
OceaniaVistaEuropeSouthamptonSouthampton12 NightsBilbao | Bordeaux | Brest | Gijon | La Coruna | La Rochelle | London (southampton) | Paris (le Havre) | Saint-malo | San Sebastian
From: $13,998
You Save: $8,399
Up To $400 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
9 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
OceaniaVistaEuropeSouthamptonOslo26 NightsAlesund | Belfast | Bilbao | Bordeaux | Brest | Flam (sognefjord) | Geiranger (geirangerfjord) | Gijon | Killybegs | Kristiansand | La Coruna | La Rochelle | Lerwick (shetland Islands) | London (southampton) | Nordfjordeid | Oslo | Paris (le Havre) | Portree (isle Of Skye) | Saint-malo | San Sebastian | Skagen | Stavanger
From: $27,598
You Save: $15,299
Up To $850 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
15 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
WindstarStar PrideEurope - NorthernCopenhagenBergen8 NightsAalborg, Denmark | Bergen | Copenhagen | Flam | Olden | Stavanger$4,499
Shipboard Credit Per Person ($100)
Shipboard Credit Per Person ($100)

Europe - Northern Travel Guide

Europe - Northern Cruises Highlights

  • Copenhagen, Denmark: A fairy-tale city with modern allure, Copenhagen is a delightful first or last stop on many Northern European cruises. The city's port is well-equipped, allowing easy access to numerous attractions. Venture to the historic city center to witness the Royal Palace and the Little Mermaid statue, or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the picturesque Tivoli Gardens.
  • Stockholm, Sweden: Stockholm's port is a welcoming entrance to this city of islands. With a variety of museums, historic sites, and vibrant neighborhoods to explore, there's never a dull moment. The Vasa Museum and the charming Gamla Stan (Old Town) are must-see attractions, offering a glimpse into Sweden's rich history.
  • St. Petersburg, Russia: The culturally rich city of St. Petersburg is a highlight on any cruise itinerary. The port facilitates easy travel to the city's center, where the Hermitage Museum and the splendid Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood await.
  • Helsinki, Finland:   Helsinki, a blend of modernity and tradition, welcomes cruisers with open arms. From the port, it's a short trip to the city center, where architectural wonders like the Helsinki Cathedral and the Temppeliaukio Church are situated.
  • The Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia): Home to one of the world's most extensive collections of art, this museum is a treasure trove of historical artifacts and masterpieces, showcasing Russia's rich cultural heritage.
  • Vasa Museum (Stockholm, Sweden): The museum houses the Vasa ship, which sank in 1628 and was remarkably preserved in Baltic mud. It's a fascinating glimpse into 17th-century maritime life.
  • Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark): An enchanting amusement park and pleasure garden right in the heart of Copenhagen, offering a delightful blend of rides, performances, and scenic beauty.
  • The Little Mermaid Statue (Copenhagen, Denmark): An iconic symbol of Copenhagen, this bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale.
  • Old Town (Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden): A picturesque and well-preserved medieval city center filled with narrow cobbled streets, quaint shops, and historic architecture.
  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (St. Petersburg, Russia): This architectural marvel, with its colorful onion domes, stands as a memorial to Alexander II and is a masterwork of mosaic artistry.
  • Helsinki Cathedral (Helsinki, Finland): An iconic neoclassical church overlooking Senate Square, its pristine white domes are a symbol of the city.
  • Norwegian Fjords (Norway): These natural wonders are a breathtaking sight, with towering cliffs and serene waters showcasing the stunning beauty of Norway's coastline.

Europe - Northern Cruises Travel Tips

  • We recommend exploring the top attractions that are near the ports you will be stopping in.
  • Bring your own alcohol if your cruise allows you to in order to save on the cost of drinks. You are often allowed to bring your own wine but check with your cruise.
  • Northern Europe has long summer days where it feels like the sun will never set along with long winter days in which it feels like the sun never rises. Be prepared for this when you visit and pack the appropriate clothing. 
  • You might be surprised at home cramped the quarters are. Considering upgrading to a larger room if this is an issue for you.
  • Many cruises will offer specialty restaurants which are an upcharge compared to the regular food that is included in the cruise.
  • Plan your northern European travel itinerary ahead of time. Make sure that the attractions you plan on visiting are within vehicle transportation or other transportation of the ports you will be stopping in so that you can see everything you want to see within a reasonable period of time.
  • Respecting local traditions is crucial. In many Northern European countries, punctuality is valued, and it's customary to greet people with a friendly nod or a handshake.
  • Learning a few basic phrases in the local languages can go a long way. Common phrases include "hello," "thank you," and "please."
  • Euros are widely accepted, though some countries like Denmark and Sweden have their own currencies. It's advisable to have a small amount of local currency for small purchases.
  • Northern European countries use different plug types; a universal adapter will ensure your devices stay charged when you leave the boat.

Europe - Northern Cruises Things To Do

  • Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen
    Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

    The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are a pleasure garden and amusement park located in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you have a day to visit the city, this can be a very worth stopover because it is one of the most visited theme parks in the world and in Europe with over 4.5 million visitors in 2017. Enjoy attractions such as wooden roller coasters, modern steel roller coasters, bumper cars, spinning rides, and many other options for both kids and adults. There are also performing arts venues and many different events that will occur depending on when you visit. 

    Best Time To Visit

    Check the hours and availability a few weeks before your visit but Tivoli Gardens is typically open throughout the year.


    You Should Know

    You can buy day passes or longer passes if you happen to live nearby or visit often. The events change on a seasonal basis and there is a strong performing arts culture there.
  • Skiing in Norway
    Skiing in Norway

    Skiing in Norway is a must for any true enthusiast and there are plenty of resort options to choose from. If you happen to have a day during your trip to visit Norway, make sure that you get as much skiing in as possible at one of the top resorts in the area that might be within driving distance of the port. Some of the top ski resorts in Norway include Trysil, Hafjell, Rauland, Geilo, and many others. The differences between each one are worthy of an article on its own, but suffice to say, you will have plenty of options to ski when you stopover in Norway. If it's something that interests you, don't miss out as the slopes here are quite scenic and you will have plenty of options for kids and both beginning and experienced adult skiers.

    Best Time To Visit

    Most ski resorts will open after the first snowfall which is typically in November and then the season will run into early May. Anytime during this period can be good for a visit to the ski resorts.


    You Should Know

    There is more sunlight toward the ski season of March and April, so longer days and longer skiing times and longer skiing times. Many ski resorts in Norway are child friendly and a good option for families.
  • Helsinki

    Helsinki is Finland's capital and it has a long history, first being founded in the 16th century. You may stop here during your cruise and there's plenty to explore including Suomenlinna, a huge maritime fortress that is spread across seven islands, the Helsinki Cathedral, the Esplanadi green space in the middle of the city and so much more. 

    Best Time To Visit

    Most seasons other than winter are a good time to visit Helsinki.


    You Should Know

    There are many very uniquely constructed churches and cathedrals here like the Uspenski Cathedral and Temppeliaukio Church which is made from bedrock. The saunas are a popular stop for both locals and visitors.
  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is unquestionably one of the most interesting cities in the world to visit and a good option a must-visit destination if you are stopping there on your Northern European cruise or might stop there. Enjoy the Van Gogh Museum, guided bike rides, canal cruises, coffee houses, nightclubs, and shopping on Nine Little Streets. There are many attractions that will take you multiple days to fully explore but just one day in this city will leave memories to last a lifetime.

    Best Time To Visit

    Most of the year can be good for visiting Amsterdam but the winters can be cold.


    You Should Know

    The Vondelpark is located southwest of the city center and a favorite park to hang out. If you want to explore the local food and history head over to Jordaan.
  • Stockholm

    Stockholm may be near one of your ports during your cruise as is an excellent option to visit during most times of the year. You are going to find plenty to do here as well like the other options on this list including the Gamla Stan which hosts all manners of shops and restaurants, Skansen as one of the top museums in the area, the Modern Art Museum and many other museums, art exhibitions and more. 

    Best Time To Visit

    Most times of the year are good for visiting Stockholm.


    You Should Know

    There is an ABBA museum in Stockholm for fans of the band. Djurgården is Sweden's oldest theme park and also located here.
  • Hamburg

    As one of the major port cities of Germany, Hamburg is potentially an option for you to visit during your Northern European cruise. You'll find plentiful things to do here ranging from the Speicherstadt or City of Warehouses, the Elbphilharmonie which is the tallest inhabited building in the city, and numerous other interesting historic sites and local food.

    Best Time To Visit

    Any season aside from the winter is a good option for visiting Hamburg.


    You Should Know

    The Planten un Blomen and other botanical gardens are beautiful in the spring and summer here. The International Maritime Museum is also located in this city.
  • Bergen

    Bergen is located on the southwestern coast of Norway and it is surrounded by scenic fjords and mountains. It is the second-largest city in Norway and known as the "Fjord Capital" and it is a truly fascinating and beautiful historic city. Check out Torgalmenningen Square in the city's bustling center, try the local seafood for sure, and explore the traditional shops and other sites. Bergen is a stop for many Northern European cruises so you won't want to miss out on this one. 

    Best Time To Visit

    Most times of the year can be good for visiting Bergen but the summer is undoubtedly the best season followed by the fall and spring.


    You Should Know

    Bergen is likely a stop on your cruise, but check to make sure. Bergen is known as the city of the seven mountains. It is one of the rainiest places in Europe and may rain when you arrive so prepare.
  • Copenhagen

    Last but certainly not least, a cruise to Northern Europe may likely have a stop in Copenhagen or somewhere nearby. You will love this historic city like so many others have, as it is the most populous city in Denmark and has many interesting things to do including Tivoli Gardens as mentioned, the famous Little Mermaid statue, the famous pedestrian street of Stroget and so much more. Explore the local harbors and seafood and check out some of the many historic sites and museums. Christiansborg Palace has Denmark's Supreme Court and other governmental entities. There is much to do and it's not likely you'll be able to fit it all within one day but make sure to try!

    Best Time To Visit

    The summer months are the best time but there can be nicer temperatures during the spring and fall as well. 


    You Should Know

    Copenhagen is very bicycle and walking-friendly but you can rent a bike almost anywhere. Don't miss the huge Botanical Garden which occupies the middle of the city.

Europe - Northern Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

The attractions of Northern Europe are as diverse as they are captivating. Each site, whether steeped in history or resonating with natural beauty, contributes to the rich narrative of this region, making a cruise through these waters an unforgettable voyage of discovery. A cruise through Northern Europe is akin to sailing through pages of a living history book, with each port unveiling monuments, natural wonders, and cultural landmarks.

  • Getting There

    Northern Europe, with its expansive coastline and well-equipped ports, is an easily accessible cruise destination. The geographical layout, featuring a host of countries, each with its distinct charm, sets the stage for an eye-opening maritime journey. Your cruise ship will smoothly sail into modern ports like Copenhagen in Denmark or Stockholm in Sweden, which are well-prepared to welcome sea-bound visitors.

    The journey to these ports is often as picturesque as the destinations themselves, with ships gliding past fjords, islands, and coastal cities. As your vessel gently approaches the shore, the transition from sea to land is almost seamless, allowing you to step ashore and immediately immerse in the local culture and history. The well-established cruise terminals ensure hassle-free entry and exit, making your voyage to Northern Europe not just an exploration but a beckoning adventure awaiting at every dock.

  • The Perfect Time for a Northern Europe Cruise

    Cruising Northern Europe offers an array of experiences, heavily influenced by the region's varied weather conditions throughout the year. Each season brings a distinct flavor to cruising in this part of the world, providing cruisers with different perspectives and opportunities to explore.  

    During the summer months, from June to August, cruising in Northern Europe is at its most popular. The weather is warm and pleasant, ideal for cruisers who want to spend ample time exploring the ports and enjoying the long days filled with sunshine. However, cruising in this peak tourist season also means encountering bustling energy, crowded ports, and potentially higher prices. It's a lively time for cruising, with numerous activities and events across the region.  

    As the autumn season rolls in from September to November, the cruising experience in Northern Europe transforms. The crowds begin to thin out, and the changing foliage paints the landscape in warm hues, creating a stunning backdrop for cruisers. The temperatures are still mild, making it comfortable for those onboard to explore the ports and enjoy the scenic views.  

    Winter, spanning from December to February, offers a unique cruising experience in Northern Europe, particularly in Norway and other Arctic regions, where the Northern Lights are a major draw. However, cruisers should be prepared for colder temperatures, which may limit time spent on outdoor activities.  

    Springtime, from March to May, heralds a gentle warming trend and the blooming of flowers, setting a serene stage for cruising before the bustling summer months. This quieter season is ideal for cruisers looking to avoid larger crowds while still enjoying mild weather and the beauty of spring.  

    For cruisers seeking a balance between favorable weather and manageable tourist numbers, late spring to early summer (May to June) or early autumn (September) may offer the best cruising conditions in Northern Europe. These periods provide a chance to experience the region's beauty and cultural offerings at a more leisurely and comfortable pace.  

  • Why Book a Cruise to Northern Europe?

    Booking a cruise to Northern Europe is a decision laden with promise and potential. The value for money is apparent as you traverse diverse nations, each with its own unique charm and historical richness, all within the comfort and luxury of a cruise liner. The convenience of unpacking only once while traveling to multiple destinations is a significant perk, making cruising a hassle-free mode of exploration.

    Plus, the unique coastal views unfolding from the deck are unmatched, providing a picturesque backdrop to your journey. Cruises often have the advantage of offering exclusive access to certain areas or activities for passengers, making the exploration of this region even more enriching. Whether it's special shore excursions, priority passes to attractions, or exclusive events on board to immerse in the local culture, the cruise experience to Northern Europe is designed to offer a holistic and unique exploration of its many treasures.

    The seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and curated experiences makes a Northern Europe cruise an enticing option for those looking to explore the scenic and cultural richness of this region in a distinctive, relaxed, and value-packed manner.

  • Experience the Flavors of Northern Europe

    Northern Europe is a haven for food enthusiasts, where traditional culinary techniques meet modern flair. The region's cuisine is a reflection of its rich history and bountiful natural resources. Famous dishes include Swedish meatballs, Danish pastries, and fresh seafood offerings like Norwegian salmon and Finnish herring.

    Each country has its own unique brews and spirits; a glass of Danish Carlsberg or a sip of Swedish Absolut Vodka is a delightful way to toast your journey. Don't miss out on dining at local eateries or waterfront restaurants where fresh seafood is a staple. In Copenhagen, the renowned Nyhavn harbor is lined with cafes offering traditional smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). Stockholm's Gamla Stan hosts charming restaurants where you can enjoy köttbullar (Swedish meatballs) amidst historic surroundings.

    A visit to a local market, like Helsinki's Old Market Hall, provides a palette of fresh, local flavors. For a sweet ending, indulge in a Norwegian skillingsboller (cinnamon bun) from a cozy bakery. Each meal and every sip in this region is an invitation to explore the diverse culinary narrative of Northern Europe.

  • Immerse Yourself in Northern European Culture

    Northern Europe is a region where age-old traditions intertwine with contemporary lifestyles, creating a vibrant cultural scene. The customs here are often rooted in a deep respect for nature, history, and community. The festivals are a bright reflection of this cultural essence.

    For instance, Midsummer's Eve, celebrated with fervor in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, is a joyous ode to the longest day of the year, filled with feasting, bonfires, and traditional dances. In Norway, the National Day on May 17th is a colorful display of parades, national costumes, and joyous festivities. The celebration of Saint Lucia's Day in Sweden and Denmark heralds the arrival of the Christmas season with a procession of lights.

    The customs of sauna in Finland, fika (coffee break) in Sweden, and hygge (a form of cozy contentment) in Denmark offer a glimpse into the relaxed, communal lifestyle cherished in this region. The performing arts scene is also rich, with world-class theaters, music festivals, and galleries showcasing the region's creative spirit.

    Immerse yourself in this cultural milieu, and you'll take away memories and understandings that transcend the picturesque landscapes of Northern Europe.

  • Ready to Book Your Northern Europe Cruise?

    The allure of a Northern Europe cruise is boundless, offering a perfect blend of natural splendor, historical richness, and cultural vibrancy. It's a journey that promises not just picturesque vistas but a deep dive into the traditions, customs, and the very essence of a region that has been a pivotal part of global history.

    From the tranquil beaches of the Baltic to the bustling city squares, the serene fjords to the grand palaces, every port holds a story waiting to be uncovered. The convenience and comfort of a cruise, combined with the diverse adventures and experiences it offers, make this voyage a highly enticing choice. The curated excursions, the array of activities on board and ashore, and the promise of culinary delights are just a snippet of what awaits.

    It's not just a cruise but a comprehensive journey through the multifaceted charm that Northern Europe holds. So, as the seas beckon and the lands invite, it might just be the perfect time to book your Northern Europe cruise, setting sail towards endless discoveries and cherished memories.

Europe - Northern Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Northern European Ocean Cruise?

    A Northern European ocean cruise is a cruise that takes you to various destinations and countries in Northern Europe which may include Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Norway, and more. The cruises will typically stop in multiple coastal city destinations where you can get out and explore for a day or two before it heads off to the next destination. Most options are anywhere from 7 to 14 days or sometimes 21 days or longer.

  • What is included on a Northern European Ocean Cruise?

    Typically you will get a basic meal package and basic amenities including a room in the size that you want. You can typically upgrade to a more extensive alcoholic beverage package if you want that option; in some cases, you may also be able to bring your own alcohol. You will have to check with your cruise provider for more information on what is going to be included with your cruise.

  • What’s the Best Cruise for a Northern European Ocean Cruise?

    The best cruise simply depends on your goals! If you want a shorter trip and don't have a lot of time to explore each destination, you might opt for something around 3 to 7 days. There are weekend cruises available that will take you to certain parts of Northern Europe. Otherwise, you can also opt for a longer cruise that will allow you to spend some more time exploring the area and checking out options like skiing, shopping, local food, historic sites, and more.

  • How Much Does a Northern European Ocean Cruise Cost?

    The cost can range from around $1400 to $5000 or more depending on the length of the trip as the main factor along with the amenities that you seek. Check with your cruise provider regarding the specifics of the cruises that you are interested in.

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