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Azamara Cruises July 2023

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Established in 2007 as a sister-line to Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, Azamara was first known as Azamara. While the cruise line features a higher-end product than mainstream mega-ship cruise lines, it does not quite fit the classification of a luxury line. However, luxury travelers like this fact, as they can enjoy luxury-type amenities at a lower price. Azamara's featured sister ships include the Azamara Journey, Azamara Quest, Azamara Onward and Azamara Pursuit. The Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest are mid-size ships that are well-appointed and beautifully designed. Each ship holds approximately 390 crew members and 694 cruise travelers. The newest ship Azamara Onward will set sail in 2022. This type of crew-staff ratio ensures that you will receive quality service and attention to your onboard and off-board requests. In fact, the ratio is higher than what is regularly featured on mainstream and premium cruise ships. The number of crew to guests is close to what you will find on luxury rated cruise vessels. Azamara takes care of its passengers, as all the ships' guests who stay in suites receive butler services. Moreover, attendants in staterooms will unpack a guest's luggage upon request. The gratuities for these services are built into the cruise price. One of Azamara's distinguishing features is its AzAmazing Evenings, offered on voyages. These special events take place during Azamara's numerous overnight and late-night stays. Cruises of 7 days or longer offer this feature. With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your Azamara cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

Azamara Travel Guide
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Azamara Travel Guide

Azamara Cruises Highlights

  • Azamara's parent company, Sycamore Partners, is a private equity firm out of New York City.
  • Azamara features 4 sister ships.
  • Azamara's 4 sister ships include the Azamara Quest, the Azamara Journey, Azamara Pursuit and Onward. Azamara Onward will launch her maiden voyage on May 2, 2022.
  • Azamara offers small luxury cruises for the upmarket traveler.
  • The cruise line is well known for its Mediterranean holidays and voyages along the coast of Greece.
  • Azamara focuses on an immersive sailing and off-shore experience.
  • When cruise travelers book a cruise, they can also reserve onboard packages for shore excursions, beverages, spa treatments, Internet use, and dining. The packages frequently are bundled to save money.
  • Azamara features a loyalty program (Azamara Circle) for travelers who sail on Azamara cruise ships as well as cruise-goers who take holidays on Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International.
  • Cruise guests enrolled in Azamara's loyalty program, Azamara Circle, earn points for sailing, with some exceptions noted. These exceptions include complimentary voyages, booking trips using certificates (excluding charity certificates), and traveling on Charter voyages and Seminar at Sea Voyages. Also, anyone who travels at travel agent rates or employee rates, or who is considered an Interline guest cannot earn loyalty program points.

Azamara Cruises Travel Tips

  • AzAmazing Evenings give cruise-goers a chance to enjoy entertainment and complementary adventures ashore during overnight or late-night port stays. 
  • All suites feature personal butler services.
  • Staff gratuities are included in the cruise price, so you don't have to remember to tip.
  • Complimentary standard wines and spirits, and international beers, are offered in the ship's bar during regular opening hours.
  • Guests have access to bottled water, soft drinks, and specialty teas and coffees all the time.
  • Shuttle service to and from port communities is offered, where available.
  • Concierge services are provided for reservation and travel guidance.
  • Complimentary restaurant dining and in-room spirits are provided to guests who book suites. Guests can also enjoy the afternoon tea service, which is served in-suite.
  • Itineraries that last longer, which feature more out-of-the-way ports, makes Azamara stand out from other ocean cruise lines.
  • Overnight stays or late evening departures at most of Azamara's ports-of-call, allow guests to better experience a destination's culture and nightlife.

Azamara Cruises Things To Do

  • Anyone who wants to enjoy luxury amenities, but wants to save money at the same time, will love the amenities and services featured by Azamara. While Azamara is not a luxury cruise line, it offers the same upmarket services at a reduced price. Discerning travelers who are also budget-conscious will like the pampering they receive on Azamara voyages. The dining options are popular with guests, especially the chef's table, and the ships' specialty restaurants, such as Aqualina, known for its Italian cuisine, and Prime C, which features steaks as its major cuisine. The cruise line tends to attract adults, aged 40 and over, who wish to take cruises from 7 to 11 days or longer. Anyone, who is older, who wants to sail in Europe, Asia, South America, or the Caribbean, will generally like what Azamara offers. The quiet onboard atmosphere and higher-than-mainstream prices generally draw the interest of well-established professionals or retirees. Therefore, you won't find many people with families on board the ship, if at all. Azamara does not feature any kids' activities. Also, don't expect to be welcomed if you smoke, as the Azamara features one of the most stringent non-smoking policies of the ships at sea. Of course, this is a good thing for anyone who does not smoke.

Azamara Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of cruise trips does Azamara feature?

    Azamara is proud to feature cruise adventures that are not your run-of-the-mill cruise holidays. Cruise-goers can see ports that they cannot see on bigger ships, which are unable to dock at some of the smaller ports-of-call. Therefore, you can travel to and from ports, such as Gdansk Poland, Aarhus, Denmark, or Dundee, Scotland, on Azamara. Azamara features an immersive travel experience, which allows you to follow a curated yet flexible travel schedule. The cruise line also allows cruise-goers to experience their destinations after dark and to extend their stays at less-traveled destinations. Trips to marquee destinations, such s Venice, St. Petersburg, and Bangkok, can be easily assessed from Azamara's smaller ships. Besides travel to maiden ports and oceanic trans-travel. Azamara hosts cruise holidays to ports all over the world in places, such as Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Northern, and Western Europe, the Panama Canal, Central America, and South America.

  • How much does a cruise trip cost?

    What you pay for a cruise trip will depend on your selection of a suite or stateroom, the time you travel, and how long you wish to cruise. Generally, a voyage of 12 nights to a European destination costs $2,600 per person. You can also take advantage of upgrades and onboard credits for some featured Azamara cruises. 

  • Does Azamara provide an airfare reservations tool to make cruise-planning easier?

    The cruise line offers ChoiceAir, an exclusive airline booking tool. The tool allows cruise travelers to book flights 24/7 from 330 days up to 4 days before they sail. The tool offers guaranteed low airfare, assured arrival, and various fare options.

  • Does Azamara offer a Loyalty Program?

    Yes. Azamara features the Azamara Circle, where guests earn points for traveling. Azamara Circle members receive quarterly 10% savings on certain voyages, free Internet use, based on a member's tier level, Hertz savings, and upgrades. They also have access to Loyalty Ambassador, an onshore desk that can answer any questions about points and privileges. Double points are awarded for guests who travel solo as well. With every voyage a member takes, he or she earns points for complimentary Internet, complimentary nights, laundry services, and savings for spa services.

  • How do I request trip information?

    Travelers can access trip information by requesting a brochure or asking to receive savings updates and information on upcoming cruises online. If you have a trip-related question, call 1-833-292-2292.

  • What is the luggage allowance for boarding a ship?

    The maximum allowance is 90kg per guest. Airlines will also impose a luggage allowance, which is usually less than the Azamara's cruise allowance. Guests who book a fly/cruise package must follow the lower allowance imposed by the airline. While a luggage allowance may be only 20kg, that allowance is only applied to one bag. Any additional luggage will be charged. Check with the airline first to confirm luggage allowances and weights.

  • When can I board the ship?

    Guests should check-in no later than 90 minutes before the scheduled sailing time. No guest can board the ship after the check-in area is closed. Late arrivers must join the ship at a designated down line port of call.

  • How are last-day departures handled?

    The director of the cruise ship will provide detailed directions about disembarkation on the cruise's final day. All guests must leave the cruise liner by 8:30 hours on the departure day. If a guest has booked a flight through Azamara, they will be transferred to the airport, regardless of when their flight leaves.

  • What are the benefits of booking an offshore excursion with Azamara?

    By booking an offshore excursion with Azamara, cruises guests don't have to worry about the ship leaving without them. If a tour runs into a snag and is delayed, the cruise ship will wait. Any notices to cancel, given within 48 hours, will not incur a fee. If you book early, you can also apply onboard credits to save on your off-board excursion. Excursion specialists onboard answer questions and serve as tour escorts as well. Local tour operators are also on hand to provide insights about a planned destination or site.

  • What is a local immersion experience off-board ship?

    This specialized experience allows Azamara travelers to connect with a locale's people, traditions, cultural offerings, and natural wonders. Travelers stroll through historic streets, meet with local families, and explore the great outdoors. They can also enjoy local cuisine. Off-shore trips of this type are limited to 26 people.

  • What are Land Programs?

    Land Programs, featured by Azamara, allow you to sail to a specific port-of-call and stay several days. Two of the most popular destinations include Athens and Dublin. You can also extend your adventure by traveling from the port-o-call and exploring a country's historic sites and cities. These excursions cover land program costs related to hotel and airport transfers, guided travel, airfare, meals, hotel accommodations, and gratuities.

  • What type of hotel accommodations are offered?

    Azamara trip itineraries include accommodations at luxury hotels, designed for upscale tastes.

  • Are Azamara ships wireless?

    Yes, Azamara ships feature wireless Internet.

  • What electrical connections are used onboard?

    The onboard voltage is a maximum of 1,500 watts or 110/220 AC. Both North European and North American adapters will work in the electrical outlets.

  • What about laundry services?

    Facilities for self-service laundry is available free of charge. In addition, laundry and dry-cleaning is available onboard, with prices subject to the type of garment and service provided.

  • Are there any gratuities that are not covered onboard ship?

    Spa gratuities are not covered under your ship's fare. To cover this expense, an 18% gratuity is added to each guest's account for onboard spa services.

  • Are there facilities for families?

    While Azamara will accept guests of any age, it discourages families from sailing with children under the age of 18 years old. The onboard environment is designed to cater to adults. Therefore, the ship does not feature baby-sitting services or activities for children.

  • Do you have a medical center onboard ship?

    Yes, we have a medical center onboard staffed by a qualified doctor. However, we do not offer pediatric services.

  • What are Consecutive Cruises?

    As the name suggests, consecutive cruises are scheduled back-to-back, with the traveler leaving one cruise ship to embark on another cruise ship with a new travel itinerary. According to the law in the U.S., you cannot take consecutive cruises where the first itinerary begins at one U.S. port and the second trip itinerary ends in a different U.S. port. If Azamara finds that a consecutive cruise has violated this rule, it has the right to cancel the sailing and issue a refund.

  • How are transfers handled after arriving at a port?

    Transfer are handled differently, depending on the port-of-call. Usually, a complimentary shuttle is provided. However, in some cities, you may have to pay for the service. All the details for transfers are provided onboard.

  • What makes an Azamara cruise different than other cruises?

    According to the company, travelers love cruise travel with Azamara because the focus in on the time spent on land rather than the time spent at sea. It boils down to "thinking outside the ship. More time is spent on exploring a destination than traveling over the ocean. 

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